Last Tuesday, I posted a video of a toddler playing in the rain and challenged you to post a link to anything cuter. A few of you posted a link to the adorable napping duo Theo and Beau, who recently went viral on instagram.

I have to agree. There is NOTHING cuter.

Actually, I'm one step ahead of you. Jessica of Momma's Gone City (and mom to Theo and Beau) is a good friend of mine and we have been busy planning something special for a few months now.

I know I usually do photo contests looking for evil glares and ridiculous heads of baby hair, but this month— it is all about THE CUTE.

Jessica and I teamed up with Freshpet (the all natural pet food you find in the refrigerator), to launch a contest called "Team Cuddle" just in time for Valentine's Day. While we are not expecting to find a cuddling duo (or trio?) cuter than Theo and Beau, we are going to give an $1000 cash gift card (yes, $1000!) to one lucky pair who comes close.

Cuddling Team Photos can be submitted with or without your furry friends, which is good news for people like me, who (much to my four-year-old's dismay) do not own a pet.

I know they are no Theo and Beau, but Mazzy and Harlow cuddled together is still pretty damn cute.


In fact, we've got four cuddling categories for you to enter:

"Tots & Pups", "Kiddos & Kitties", "Sibling Snuggles" and the "Family Cuddle"…





"Family Cuddle" can include a mom and child, a dad and child or a whole family with or without their pet(s). It can also be just you and your cat, if you think you are especially adorable together. 

In addition to supplying prizes for the contest, Freshpet will be donating $5000 to the SPCA, the Santa Cruz shelter where Jessica adopted Theo. Raising money for the SPCA has been a long time cause for Jessica, so we couldn't be more thrilled FreshPet stepped up to the plate. 

Freshpet was started in 2006, by pet lovers who wanted to introduce a healthier pet food alternative to the typical dry or canned food found on shelf. Instead, they created fresh, REFRIGERATED pet food, using only high quality meats, poultry and fish combined with fresh vegetables and fruits, with no preservatives or fillers like corn, wheat or by-products. This allows dogs and cats to eat nutrient-rich meals that have the same healthy standards as food we would eat ourselves. Food that pets will love and you can feel really good about feeding them.


For more information on the advantages of feeding your pet fresh food, visit

Since I don't own a pet, Freshpet was kind enough to send a care package to my closest furry friend. That's Roxy, my sister's Boston Terrier. Or Mazzy and Harlow's "cousin", as my sister insists we refer to her. Roxy is also known as the dog who was given billing over me in my sister's wedding program. I walked Roxy (aka "The Pooch of Honor") down the aisle, thank you very much. 

After Roxy received her Freshpet package, she texted me (I'm not making this up) the following message:

"Thank you very much for the delicious food and treats! I'm a very picky pooch and my parents have tried switching brands, trying dry and wet food, and putting toppings on top of my crunchers— but I usually just sniff it, turn my head away and beg for table food. Then they gave me Freshpet and I didn't even know I was eating dog food! I finished my entire plate with no extra toppings! I especially love the turkey bacon and chicken strips. Thanks so much Freshpet! Love, Roxy."

Either Roxy is a very smart dog or my sister is CRAZY. I'm leaning towards the latter.

As you can imagine, nobody is more excited about the Team Cuddle Contest than my sister, who also texted me a photo of Roxy sleeping next to her eight-month-old baby Jack.

Check out my adorable nephew (and *ahem* niece)!


Unfortunately for Team Roxy and Jack, nepotism doesn't fly around these parts and they are not eligible for the win. For everyone else, there will be one winner in each category, as well as a grand prize winner across all categories.


Tots & Pups: $250 cash gift card along with $50 worth of Freshpet food

Kiddos & Kitties: $250 cash gift card along with $50 worth of Freshpet food

Sibling Snuggle: $250 cash gift card

Family Cuddle: $250 cash gift card (plus $50 worth of Freshpet food if the photo includes a pet)

Grand Prize: $1000 cash gift card

Photos can be submitted on the Mommy Shorts facebook page (just post on my fanpage wall with the first names of everyone pictured) or post to instagram tagging @mommyshorts @mommasgonecity and @freshpet with hashtag #FreshpetTeamCuddle

All photos will be added to the Team Cuddle album on my facebook page daily up until Monday, March 3rd. You can "like" your favorites to help me narrow down to the top five contenders in each category, but ultimately the twenty finalists will be determined by myself, Jessica and Freshpet. Most "likes" does not guarantee inclusion.

The twenty finalists will compete against eachother on Mommy Shorts on March 4th. The winner will be determined by popular vote and announced on March 10th.

Please click here to read all contest rules and regulations.

You know who else is not eligible for a prize?

Theo & Beau.

Good thing, because I'm pretty sure they'd have a lock.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 11.17.44 PM


This post was sponsored by Freshpet but all of the thoughts and opinions are my own. Except Roxy's thoughts. Those are clearly hers alone.