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As of today, the Cake Smash Smack Down has come to a close. After sorting through 700 submissions, narrowing it down to the final ten and then watching them battle it out to determine the winner, what did I learn? 

1) The fancier you dress your baby for their cake smash, the more likely he/she is to freak the f*ck out. Honestly, before this contest, I had no idea professionally set up cake smash photo shoots were A THING.




2) Using a cake with red icing will make it look like your baby murdered a neigborhood pet and then ate the remains for sport.


3) Once you see a bunch of Brielees, Skylars, Avyns and Eastons, suddenly a baby with a name like David seems really weird.


4) Giving a baby chocolate cake in a white high chair and then photographing her from above will make it look like she took a massive and uncontainable dump.


5) There are only so many cake smash photos you can look at before you are struck with a wave of nausea so intense, you fear you might be pregnant.


6) When it comes to eating cake, baby boys don't have a chance in hell if they are up against the girls.

Yep, baby girls sweeped the Cake Smash. As a fellow girl who loves cake, I am very proud.

3rd place goes to the Adley who takes home a Blinkbuggy framed photo. Good thing, because this ADORABLE photo should be hung over the mantle FOREVER:


2nd place goes to the cake-covered Madision who wins a $50 Amazon gift card plus a Blinkbuggy framed photo. 


And 1st place goes to the incredibly limber Lilah who wins a $250 Amazon gift card and a 20 page Blinkbuggy memory album. 


I hope Lilah's parents use a part of that $250 to buy napkins and a box of utensils. 

Congratulations, kids!

Before I shut the door on this year's Cake Smash Smack Down, I wanted to pay homage to a few more of my favorite entries that didn't make the finals.















A big thanks to Blinkbuggy for sponsoring the contest! Not to mention, creating an amazing platform to store all of our kids' big and small moments online. Every photo, milestone, quote, drawing, etc. can be easily uploaded (from your hard drive or imported through facebook or instagram) into one highly searchable stream with tons of sharing and privacy options.

With the recent introduction of a mobile app and the ability to print high quality photo books, Blinkbuggy has really turned the traditional baby book on its head.


If you haven't tried it for youself, you can check it out here. I recommend watching the video after sign-up to really see what Blinkbuggy can do.

Speaking of Blinkbuggy, I've got one more winner from the giveaway during the finals… 

Congratulations to Joni S who takes home both a customized 20 page Blinkbuggy memory album and a 10X12 framed photo!

And now, off to prepare for my next contest. I've got one for your furry friends starting next week. (I'm talking about your pets. Not the men in your life who haven't shaved since Movember.) 

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The Cake Smash Smack Down was sponsored by Blinkbuggy, but all of the thoughts and opinions are my own.