Today, I have a guest post from Kaity and Jessica, the founders of Well Rounded NY and two of my favorite bloggers to bump into around the city. They came to me about writing a post about all the “stupid shit” people say to new moms. I’ve heard some “stupid shit” in my day, so I agreed. I even made an accompanying chart.

At Well Rounded NY, we encounter a lot of new mamas. We’re also mamas ourselves so we have been on the receiving end of — how do we put this lightly? — a lot of stupid questions. Granted, in those first few weeks, hormones can make you a little touchy, so even the simplest questions may put a new mom in self-defense mode.

Our piece of advice for friends visiting new moms?

Talk! But not about her baby. Talk aaaall about you! Tell that new mom about your work problems. Hypnotize her with your daily dramas. Just don’t start asking open-ended questions about her wonderful new life with her new baby.

She’s answered those questions ten times already.

And she’s not going to tell you what she’s really thinking anyway…


Check out Kaity and Jessica over at Well Rounded NY where they keep new moms and pregnant women sane and stylish with baby gear reviews, tips by trimester and weekly bump envy profiles.