Harlow carries a purse. Like, all the time.

It's a small red canvas bag that belonged to an adult at some point, although I'm not sure who. I honestly have no idea where it came from. But that doesn't matter, because it appears to be the perfect size for a baby. Like maybe a bag manufacturer decided to target the 12-18 month-old demographic.

Harlow pulled it out of Mazzy's toy chest several months ago and has been developing an attachment ever since. She used to just carry it around the house, but now Harlow gets mad if you try to make her leave the house without it.

Here she is, packing her purse up to go, while Mike puts on her socks.

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Harlow took her purse to a birthday party last weekend. She carried it THE ENTIRE TIME. Slung over her shoulder, while plowing through passed appetizers, like a grown-up.

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I didn't have the heart to tell her it clashed with her outfit.

A tiny baby carrying a purse while wandering freely around a party full of adults is quite the spectacle, you should know. I overheard about 1000 fascinated comments.

"Is that baby carrying a purse?"

"I wonder what's inside that baby's purse…"


There are a few purses Harlow can choose from at home, but she clearly likes the red one the best. She likes pairing it with many things, mostly clothing she finds in my closet. One of her favorite things is to grab yoga pants and tights out of my drawer and drape them around her neck as she wanders from room to room.

It's all very FABULOUS.


As far as babies go.

She also loves to wear jewelry and has never met a necklace (or iPhone cord), she didn't immediately want to throw over her head.


Thank god I went to Mardi Gras once upon a time so I've got tons of beaded necklaces appropriate for my one-year-old. Ironic, right?

When Harlow's not scaring me with strangling hazards, she can be found pairing her purse with a baby doll she likes to rest on her opposite shoulder. On most days, you can find her in the exact stance below:


FYI- Harlow's doll can't keep her clothes on. No doll in our house can. 

Usually after resting the doll on her shoulder for a sufficient amount of time, she'll grab her mini stroller and stick Miss No Clothes in there. Then she'll hang her purse over the stroller handle, wave goodbye and push it right out of the room.

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Yesterday, watching her little sister balance her purse, her phone, and her baby doll all at once for the umpteenth time, Mazzy started calling Harlow "Miss Mommy".

As in, "Come on, Miss Mommy. Let's go play in the hallway."

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Is there anything more adorable than your four-year-old daughter calling your purse-toting one-year-old "Miss Mommy"?

Well, maybe one thing.

On Sunday, we went to brunch for my mother's birthday. We were about to leave when Mazzy ran back to grab Harlow's purse. I assumed the worst and thought Mazzy was claiming the purse as her own.

"Mazzy, that's Harlow's purse."

"I KNOW, MOM. I put her stuff in it so she can take it."

Inside was a barrette, a block, and a little gold unicorn. "Harlow's stuff".

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These girls really do kill me.

Excuse me. Little ladies.