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Here's a music video about breastfeeding from an Australian group called Sparrow Folk. It's called "Ruin Your Day" on YouTube but the full line in the chorus is "Ruin your day with tits".

The song uses a heavy dose of sarcasm to illustrate why being offended by moms breastfeeding in public is pretty ridiculous. I mean, of course, we should put a stranger's discomfort in front of our own baby's basic survival needs! 

I'm curious to hear other people's experiences, because my experience was more my own discomfort than getting disgusted looks from other people. I could never quite master the casual breastfeed over lunch with a tasteful cover flowing effortlessly across my body during a feed.

(Maybe the point is I shouldn't have cared about a cover?)

Harlow was always a bit restless while feeding and I felt like we were attracting attention— not necessarily because people were grossed out that I had my boobs out in public, but more pitying looks from people who were like, "Wow, that mom must be new at this. She really sucks at it!"

So, I spent a lot of time breastfeeding in bathrooms. But I think that was really my own problem.

Check out the video and tell me what you think.



What has your experience been?