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Remember last week when I said that I didn't like the new schedule? Well, this week I've decided it's rad, sick, wicked sweet, not to mention, Perez Hilton's amazeballs! I may sound like I have the world's worst vocabulary (or like I'm from Boston), but I'm just using some of the reader proposed alternatives to two words more exhausted than a five-year-old after a day at Disneyworld—"awesome" and "cool". But being from New York, words like "wicked" don't easily slip off the tongue, so I've opted to go with another reader suggested tactic which is to use throwback words such as 'neat', 'swell', 'grand', 'nifty', 'splendid', and maybe if I'm feeling really fancy I can squeeze in a 'supercalafragalisticexpialadoshus'. These words are so uncool that perhaps, in hipster-like fashion, we can make them cool again. Shall we give it a try?

Here's what happened this week…

• Mommy Shorts had its first ever giveaway, a pretty swell prize if I do say so myself. And lucky you, latecomer— you've still got till Monday to enter.

• My husband decided a baby-free vacation would be just grand and I agreed.

• My husband won the Baby Resemblence Battle, followed closely by the realization that we look like brother and sister. Also, I may be a whore.

• I forgot to buy ice cream, got Pedi-Raped, shampooed my hair twice and then everybody yawned.

• We ate Crispy Cremes wrapped in bacon dipped in chocolate sauce at 7am and by some nifty Nutella Logic, it was deemed a healthy breakfast.

• We got one step closer to getting our babies into the Genius Baby Playgroup.

• We wondered if Willow's new video was really neat or just another gateway to pre-teen drug fueled dance parties.

• Russell Simmons chose a healthy juice over potentially the cutest 20 seconds of his life.

• I wished Joan Holloway would put on a few pounds.

I introduced you to a book (and a book binding) that is really swell.

• Plus tons more parental tweets, funny baby videos, and splendid baby gift ideas.

Oh! And perhaps the grandest thing of all— MOMMY SHORTS GOT FAMOUS!!! Thats right, Mommy Shorts was quoted in New York Magazine (read the original post here). And when I say quoted, I mean, they took four separate quotes and made them into one big super quote which was the length of an entire paragraph! Isn't that totally SUPERCALAFRAGALISTICEXPIALADOSHUS?!