Here's the music video "Whip My Hair" from Will & Jada's daughter, Willow in case you've been living under a rock since earlier today.

Honestly? I am putting it on my workout playlist IMMEDIATELY. But it's got me a little worried too. Does anybody remember two weeks ago when Jada was toting Willow around to all the fashion shows like a brand new Marc Jacobs bag? And everyone was talking about whether this was an appropriate after-school activity for a little kid? Well, now that all seems a little coldly calculated, doesn't it? Couple that with the Smiths' foray into Scientology and I'm sure you've got one massive PR machine behind a nine-year-old. And we all know where that can lead…

I hope that Willow's attitude is part of the act and that someone is working overtime to make sure it stays there.  Will & Jada— please try to steer Willow towards the humble and talented route. The short-cut to strung-out and insufferable is a very easy left turn.

What do you think? Are you already busy choreographing your mother-daughter dance for the Christmas talent show? Are you dreading the day when your pre-teen asks for lip jewelry? Or are you just happy that the Smiths most likely have a posse of nannies to deal with all that attitude?