My husband, Mike and I are constantly at odds over who Mazzy more closely resembles. Why this makes a difference, I have no idea. When Mazzy was born, she was most definitely the spitting image of Mike. So much so, that if I hadn't just birthed the baby, I would have wondered if Mike had been cheating on me with himself. I have heard, that for biological reasons, the baby almost always resembles the father when he/she is born. This is so the father (a) bonds with the baby and (b) doesn't eat the baby. Very Animal Planet, right?

Anyway, as Mazzy has gotten older, I think the tides are turning a bit. If Mike is not around, strangers will always say she looks exactly like me. To which I always respond, you haven't seen my husband. But then I looked at some baby pictures of us, which I think may be a better indication for resemblence then what we look like today. That's me on left and Mike on the right. And here's a recent picture of Mazzy, in case you haven't seen the four thousand other shots of her on this site.


So, what do you think? Let's put it to a vote, shall we?! (UPDATE: Poll is working now).

If you would like to pit yourself and your spouse against eachother in a battle of Baby Picture Face-Off, please send me baby pictures of all three of you to with the title "BABY PICTURE FACE-OFF" in the subject header. (If you'd prefer to use current pictures, that's cool too).