I love television. I do. Like really really LOVE it. My DVR is filled with everything from Project Runway to Dexter to 30 Rock to How I Met Your Mother to Mad Men (so upset the season is over) to True Blood. Having a baby limits the amount of time you have to watch televsion however (repeatedly falling asleep while you're trying to check things off your DVR means you have to watch shows twice) so I had to make some very big decisions. I stopped watching Real World this year after (this is embarassing) watching every season for the past 20 years. I also cut America's Next Top Model and Biggest Loser. And I'm leaning heavily towards writing off Entourage. Plus no more Sundays lounging on the couch watching full Law & Order marathons. And thank god the draw of the Bravo Housewives franchise somehow escaped me. But this doesn't free up that much more time since Parenthood, Modern Family, and Broadwalk Empire have all found their way into the fold. Thank god LOST is over. Did I mention I also watch Glee, Big Love and Grey's Anatomy? I have even gotten into a bad habit of watching the televsion equivalent of Light FM— Private Practice. Oh— and I can't forget Top Chef! (It took everything in my power to stop myself from watching Just Desserts). And I hear Mistresses just came out with another season (if you have never seen Mistresses on the BBC, I am suprememly jealous that you have 12 hours of complete and total awesomeness at your fingertips). *Sigh* I guess I still have cuts to make.

If you are also heavily ensconced in a cloak of everlasting love for all things television and you want to make sure you and your kid have that in common, you might be interested in the toys pictured above. Clockwise from top left: Omar Little Bib from Abbey Christine, Bill Compton Paperdolls by, Boris Badenov & Natasha Fatale Collectibles from Your Grandma's Stash, Angel Batista Bobblehead by Bif Bang Pow!, Larry David Finger Puppet from Abbey Christine, Mythbuster Bots from Lubu, Joan Holloway Barbie by Mattel, Crocheted Mr. T Doll from Details Girl.

Editor's Note: Joan Holloway Barbie could have been so awesome but it sucks. They gave her Betty Draper's body!