Today's profiling features a professor, a dictator and a mountaineer. Sounds like the call sheet for the next Gilligan's Island. If you would like to submit your baby for profiling, please click here. (If you are a blogger, feel free to use your answers to link back to your own posts). Alright— who's up?

Simone2  Name: Simone

  Nickname: Babu

  Build: Bootylicious

  Favorite Grub: Anything cheesy

  Most Overused Word: "Ya!" 

  Can't Live Without: Barney  

Style Obsession: The shoes must match the outfit 

Favorite Book: All of them

Pet Peeve: No other babies are allowed in Daddy's lap

Best Trick: Outrunning Mom and Dad

Future Career: Marathon Running Professor of Literature


Picture 54  Name: Jocelyn

  Build: All legs and hair

  Signature Style: Sporty Chic

  Favorite Grub: Cheese (especially
  if it's not hers)

  Favorite Hobby: Sitting on her

  Favorite Book: Please, Baby,
by Spike Lee

  Pet Peeve: Staying clothed

  Best Trick: Perfecting the
  "Let's Go Oakland" chant

  Future Career: Dictator



Michael patrick  Name: Michael Patrick

  Nickname: Monkey

  Build: Mini-monkey

  Signature Style: Superhero T's
  with plain old Huggies

  Favorite Food: Goldfish

  Can't Live Without: His blankie

Best Trick: Climbing on anything and everything

Pet Peeve: Pants

Future Career: Mountain climbing instructor