Nutella      The other day I saw a commercial for
Nutella. (Watch it here.) Apparently,
the marketing wizards over there have
determined that Nutella can and should
be part of a healthy breakfast for kids.
This is based on the fact that it is healthy
for kids to eat breakfast (using Nutella will
make kids want to eat breakfast more) and
it is a good way to get them to eat whole
grains (using Nutella will make kids want to
eat whole grains more). They even have a
dietician on their website
explaining their
logic. Let me break it down for you.

Now, I don’t have kids aged appropriately to make a true informed breakfast argument, but it certainly seems like a great big leap of bullshit to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Nutella. So much so that I don’t want to insult their advertising efforts. But I love it as a dessert. Or at the very least as a grown-up making a knowingly naughty meal choice.

Also- I’m questioning ‘this breakfast problem’ Nutella is raising. I know times have changed since I was a kid but I don’t remember my mom struggling to get my sister and me to eat it. We loved breakfast. You’d have to turn off The Smurfs, pry the bowl of Kix out of our cold dead hands and shove us head first out the door to put an end to breakfast. I’m also questioning parents today having issues getting their kids to eat whole grains. I haven’t had a slice of basic white bread in my kitchen since the 80s. I woud think that most kids today have grown up with nothing but whole wheat and whole grain bread. Is it really ‘a problem’ getting your kids to eat whole grains?

I could be totally wrong about this and I’m aware that things like pancakes and waffles aren’t exactly winning any healthy living awards either (although they do make plenty of whole grain varieties) but spreadable hazelnut chocolate sounds way too delicious to be promoted as a healthy breakfast food for kids. Unless of course you are searching for a healthier option than your current breakfast du jour: Crispy Cremes dipped in caramel with a side of Cinnabon.

What do you think?