After the unimaginable devastation caused by Hurricane Irma (except that sadly, it wasn’t really that unimaginable because it had just happened in Houston), stories of hope, humanity, and even humor have begun to emerge. If you’re like many of us, whose heavy hearts need a lift but can’t stop watching horrible events unfold on the news, I found one on-the-scene reporter who’s exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Five-year-old aspiring reporter Paisley Jo and her little sister/camera person, Piper, have been covering Irma-related events in their hometown of Jacksonville, Florida with a plastic camera and microphone, and it’s even more adorable than it sounds. Their mom, Lindsay Reavis, posts these “PJTV” exclusives on her Facebook page, much to the delight of their friends and family (and now the entire Internet).

Most recently, Paisley and Piper got the details on an actual, real-life rescue! The video features the girls’ favorite police officer, Officer Misty, participating in the airboat rescue of Paisley’s former preschool teacher. “As far as we know,” Reavis says, “we were the only news station in the action, so you aren’t going to find this rescue anywhere else!”

Check out the video below for the ridiculously professional report. Now, all we need to know is whether or not she’ll get to sit on Ellen’s couch before The Weather Channel hires her.

If you’d like to donate to Hurricane Irma relief efforts, the American Red Cross and Americares have good ratings among charity watchdog groups. Google also appears to be matching donations right now, as well. I saw a direct link at the top of my email inbox.