For just one day by Laura Leuck, illustrated by Marc Boutavant

Since I have a design background, I tend to put an unreasonable amount of emphasis on how everything looks in my apartment which includes my baby's books. Long before I decide if I like the story, I determine whether or not a children's book will look good on Mazzy's bookshelf. (I know I am in for a rude awakening when it comes to aesthetics and raising a child; I'm already planning a post about an incident this week that I have named the "nursery apocalypse").

One book that captured my attention for it's stellar design is For Just One Day illustrated by Marc Boutavant. But paired with the wonderfully bouyant writing of Laura Leuck it has the best of both worlds. It opens with a simple line drawing that reads, "For just one day I'd like to be, a busy buzzing bumble…" and then long before you spot the word "Bee!" on the following page, your brain is busy taking in the stunningly graphic illustrations, whimsical details and pop art colors that practically bleed off the page. And the ryhming reveals give you no choice but to be fully animated, which as Dr. B taught us, is important for your baby's social development.  "I'd climb a big banana tree, that's if I were a (turn page) Chimpanzee!" Crocodiles, butterflies and grizzly bears follow until it all culminates with, "The other days I'd want to be that special someone that is…Me!" And if that hasn't sold you, above the word "Me!" is an illustrated frame with a piece of mirrored paper pasted inside. After all, if you can't win a baby over with a book, you rarely lose with their own reflection.

Did I mention it's got a bright yellow binder that adds the perfect contrasting color to the bookshelf?


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