Sure, these slides look ridiculously awesome and if I had one as a kid I would think I had the coolest parents EVER (unless I had a friend who was the spawn of Seal and Heidi Klum because that's a friend's house where I would try to stay for dinner) but what does having this much fun at home do to a kid really? Might building a staircase slide be trying a little too hard to cater to your child's every want and whim? I'm not saying we all have to live in the safety and tradition of June Cleaver Land (RIP), but these shenanigans seem to fall solidly into Dina Lohan territory. I mean, how badly do you want your kids to tote your coolness factor at school anyway? Is this more about YOU, slide-building-parents? In other words, staircase slides may seem like a grand idea to make your house THE house that all the kids want to play, but I would argue that you are just one step closer to being the kind of parent who would let your kid attend a drug-fueled dance party as long as it was located in your basement. Where there is a totally awesome trampoline floor!

Meh. I'm just mad that growing up we didn't even have a banister.

Lefthand slide built by London architect Alex Michaelis and shown on Gizmodo and righthand slide seen on daddytypes.

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