Lots of stuff happened in June, have you noticed? For starters, Harlow had a bit too much to drink at a friend's BBQ and we had to carry her out before she passed out on the lawn and embarrassed herself. Or maybe she was just drinking water and it was time for her nap, I can't be sure.

Secondly, this week I wrote a post called "The Benefit of Lazy Parenting" which has quickly become my all time most popular post. It really should have been called "The Case for Lazy Parenting" but I didn't come up with the right name until two days later.


I am so happy this post resonated with everyone. I feel like I am in the minority with this in real life, so I'm pretty floored so many people online feel exactly the same way.

Online friends are the best friends, am I right?

On Monday, I'll be posting the top ten finalists for the #DysonDads contest. It feels a little weird sorting through almost 2000 pics of your husbands/boyfriends/partners to select my favorites, so please visit this post or visit the #DysonDads hashtag on Instagram and let me know (in the comments below) if there are any guys you would really like to see take home the prize.

You know, because you appreciate their housework. *AHEM*


Speaking of Dyson, I figured out who my five biggest fans are (or at the very least the five biggest fans who live in the continental United States) and will be sending them all Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorheads too.

Collectively, they've commented over a few thousand times, so I am both flattered and a little concerned for them. I will list them in order from "slightly stalkerish" to "might be standing outside my window with a boombox playing In Your Eyes as I write this"…

Congratulations to Meg Y, Kelly H, Suburban Snapshots, Nicole Leigh Shaw and Natasha (aka Bert & Duke's Mom)!

Natasha, it is time to talk to Joan Cusack and put your kickboxing career in perspective, 'mmmkay?

Seriously— I love you all right back and wish we could have a big party with fruity cocktails, passed hors d'oeuvres and husbands vacuuming as entertainment. 

Unfortunately, I've got posts to write and Bugaboos to give away and biceps to photograph. Gratuitous Mike shot!


What else happened in June besides Mike's arms winning our hearts?

• We showed off our new house!


• Harlow drooled on me in a teething frenzy

• Mazzy said goodbye to preschool


• I learned saying "Goodbye to Preschool" means singing the Bubble Guppies theme song in the "End of the Year" show

• Mike's brain exploded from too much princess knowledge

• Jerry Springer tried to steal Mazzy's glue stick

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 8.28.16 AM

• Poppy asked a woman if she was pregnant (she was not)

• Mazzy fell in love at the top of the Empire State Building


• I spoke in front of crowd and survived

• Mazzy joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy

• I stole snacks from facebook (and learned you all should click "get notifications" on my fanpage to make sure you see all my posts)


• "Solar System Spectacular" and "Egg Shell Surprise" both took home prizes in Mazzy's Bake-off


@missminx1 won a very fancy $495 bottle of Vaseline (nope, that's not a joke)



• Uber extended their offer for $30 off your first ride if you use the "MOMMY SHORTS" promo code through September 1st, 2014 (download the app here)

And that's it.

Thank you all for reading! Especially Natasha. You gave me your heart, I gave you Dyson. I hope that's better than a pen.

XO, Mommy Shorts