Giveaway: 5 more Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorheads


Did you think we were talking about sex today? NOPE! Still talking about vacuums! Although as one reader astutely put it on facebook, "If a guy doesn't get enough attention in the bedroom, he must not be vacuuming enough."

So true.

Above is Mike vacumming our car with the wireless Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead, which easily converts into a handheld. My lead-in makes it sound like my next sentence should be about our bedroom antics later that evening, BUT I AM NOT GOING TO GO THERE.


And secondly, this is not that kind of blog, 'mmmmkay?

I will point out that we've been so impressed by the DC59 that we gave away our old vacuum last week. We also took our handlheld vacuum to the summer house because we have no use for that either. There is nothing either our full-size or our handheld do better than our new Dyson. The DC59 is much smaller, easier to use and way more powerful.

Remember the picture of all the extra dirt it picked up the day after I had my apartment professionally cleaned? No need to show that disgusting visual again. It is burned into my brain forever.

Anyway. Thank you for the overwhelmingly positive response to my Dyson post last Monday. It seems all my readers are both big Dyson fans and big Mike fans, so that's a win for everybody. Mike might act unphased, but I know nothing makes him happier than seeing a reader refer to him as a "hottie" in the comments.

Speaking of fans, I have a really exciting announcement today.

Due to the great response to the #DysonDads contest on Instagram so far, Dyson has decided to give something really special to some of my biggest fans…

Your very own Mike!!!

Wait, I got that wrong….

Your very own Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead!

Today, I am giving away FIVE DC59 MOTORHEADS to my FIVE BIGGEST FANS.


How do you prove you are one of my biggest fans? Do you shout "I LOVE MOMMY SHORTS!!!!" from your rooftop as loudly as possible? Post numerous photos of babies in mugs and suits? Tattoo "Mazzy & Harlow Forever" onto your forehead for all eternity? 

Nope. I've got a system in place based on ACTUAL MATH.

Just leave a comment under this post claiming to be my biggest fan. Then I will go back and plug your email address into a search field on the back end of my site. It will tell me how many total times you have commented since I started this blog three and a half years ago. The five people with the highest number of comments (who also left a comment under this post) will win. 

What's the catch? There are two.

1) You must reside in the United States. Sorry, international fans. One day I will do something just for you.

2) You must take three pictures of your husband/boyrfriend/partner using your new DC59 Motorhead and send them back to me by July 8th. I'll be announcing winners on June 25th and sending the vacuums immediately so you will have enough time. If your partner is a woman or you are a single mom, that's totally fine. We'll just add some ladies vacuuming into the mix.

You can read the full rules here.

Now let's talk about the #DysonDads hashtag that is quickly growing on Instagram. It's like an ode to involved fathers and total MOM PORN at the same time. Guys like big boobs, women like guys making pancakes with their kids. It's kinda weird.

I mean I used to appreciate a guy with six pack abs and a chiseled jaw, but that was pre-children. You know what's sexy now?

A man who does the laundry:

Even sexier? Painting the nursery to match the pink ombre pattern his wife saw on Pinterest:

Teaching his kid how to play the drums. In a Santa hat, no less!

Giving his kids matching ponytails:

Giving his kid a matching mustache:

Walking his kid walking his dog:

Holding all of his daughter's purses:

Pretending to be really bad at Hide and Seek:

Wearing a frilly apron so he doesn't singe his chest hair:

Teaching his kid how to change a tire: 

Trying to keep the flower girls from buckling under pressure:

Keeping his kid out of the rain:

Dragging two children on both ankles:

Blowing bubbles:

Building the last Olaf before all the snow melts:

Washing the car:

Building a craft room, one allen wrench turn at a time:

Pushing two trikes at once:

Taking the baby to swim class:

Not using "grocery shopping" as an excuse to get away from the kids:

Serenading the twins:

Taking his son to school dressed as Batman:

Letting his little girl give him a new hair-do:

Letting his little girl give him an extreme makeover:

Frosting, not one, but TWO batches of cookies:

Squeezing into the kiddie pool:

Giving his kid a haircut:

Feeding his son a bottle for the first time:

Arranging a playdate:

Allowing his daughter to put the finishing touches on his outfit:

Drawing Hello Kitty on request:

Taking one for the team and sitting in the back between two carseats:

Losing at Chess on purpose:

Giving the kids a bath:

Carrying all the kids at once:

Brushing out the knots:

Changing a dirty diaper:

Diving head first on a Slip and Slide:

And lastly, leading by example:

You can still enter #DysonDads by tagging new and old photos (as many as you like) on Instagram. You must tag and follow both @mommyshorts and @dyson on Instagram to win. I'll be picking my ten favorite "what's sexy now" photos for the finals on June 30th.

The grand prize is a Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead valued at $549. All ten finalists will get a Dyson DC34 handheld valued at $199.


That's six DC59 Motorheads given out in total, if you count the ones going to my biggest fans. Do you think that could be you?

Leave a comment below!