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If you told me yesterday I'd be posting a commercial involving kids, dildos, and guns, I never would have believed you… but here we are! This might be my favorite commercial of all time.

1) It's funny.

2) It's a PSA with a really valuable message that I think all people can agree on regardless of your opinions on gun control.


Kinda reminds me of that time my friend's niece received a "ring toss" (pictured below) as a birthday gift. My friend says the gift giver was mortified and claimed it was an innocent mistake.

An innocent mistake like she shopped at a sex shop for a kid's birthday gift instead of a toy store? An innocent mistake like somewhere there's a bachelorette party playing with a Dora the Explorer blow up toy? Or, are they accidentally selling something like this at Toys "R" Us?

So many questions…


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