Plus the COLOSSAL CRUMBS CUPCAKE giveaway winners

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Have you ever read the same word so many times that it stops making sense to you? That is what happened with the word "massage" while I was reading through the "Ideal Mother's Day" comments under "The Mother of All Cupcakes" giveaway.

Someone should alert your husbands that an occasional back rub seems to be the key to household harmony. Plus an excellent way to keep tabs on spousal appreciation. I mean— we shouldn't be waiting around 'til Mother's Day for this kind of thing, am I right?

Now. Let's get down to some serious READER RESPONSE ANALYSIS.

Your "Ideal Mother's Day" comments were split almost 50/50 between "hanging out with my family" and "getting as far away from them as possible". With a slight edge going to those wishing to be surrounded by family. (To each their own.)

Of the people who wanted to be with their family, there were several caveats. The husband having to do all the cleaning and child care was a major theme. Also, laundry elves.

The third major theme? SLEEP. You wanted to sleep late, take naps often and go to bed early.

Because I am crazy, I compiled your comments into (drumroll)— "The Ideal Mother's Day Vortex". In it, I have separated your responses into four quadrants— big thinking, small thinking, reality-based and total dreamworld (click image to enlarge).


That was more work than I intended. (Have I mentioned I'm working a full-time freelance gig right now?) Before I go to bed to get some of that coveted big-thinking-fantasy-esque SLEEP, I will tell you what you all care most about— the five people who won THOSE HUGE ASS CUPCAKES.

In fact, almost everyone claimed that a Colossal Crumbs Cupcake would be part of their ideal Mother's Day. Most often consumed alone in a closet. Below are the five winners (chosen via The Random Number Generator) with their responses. I would bookmark this page and have your husband refer back to it next year.

Stacey @ Tree, Root, and Twig said…

"My perfect mother's day includes my husband NOT cooking dinner for me (and leaving me with a kitchen full of dishes to wash on Monday morning), and perhaps something new and shiny. Not jewelry – no! – something electronic. Mommy likes gadgets!"

Shawna Griffith said…

"For my ideal Mother's Day, Daddy will have to wake up at the crack of dawn, pack up the children, spend the day carting them around, following their every wish, caring for their every need and then cooking dinner when they get home. Just like *I* get to do everyday."

Sarah Wiley Joyce said…

"If I win my husband will more than likely end up coming home to me, sitting on the couch surrounded by crumbs, with frosting smeared on my face, and sprinkles stuck to my sweet sticky chin after having devoured an entire cupcake that is meant for 6-8 PEOPLE!!! But hey, isn't that what Mother's Day is all about???"

(Editor's Note: Sarah won the last giveaway too. She will herein be referred to as LUCKY BITCH.)

Danielle said…

"I'm thinking: whisked to a luxury spa (alone) where a very good looking driver and a hot masseuse awaits … followed by a chilled bottle of champagne accompanied by one of those ginormous cupcakes— to share with NO ONE!!!"

Kendra said…

"Sleep sleep sleep – blueberry pancakes – sleep sleep sleep – play with my daughter – sleep sleep sleep – pizza – sleep sleep sleep – CUPCAAAAAKE – sleep sleep sleepy sleep sleep. The End."

Thanks to everyone for entering and a big thanks to my sponsor Poshbrood for giving me the opportunity to host this fabulous giveaway on Mommy Shorts. If you haven't already, please check out their site. Or forward the link to your husband so he can get started on the Caribbean vacation planning for Mother's Day 2012.

One more thing. In going through the comments, I discovered two brand new mothers with babies just one-two weeks old. Congratulations to Steph H and Mai Huynh— hope someone let you take a nap last Sunday!