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You might know Garcelle Beauvais from NYPD Blue, Franklin & Bash and the Jamie Foxx Show, but I’ll always know her as the celebrity guest who showed up at my house unexpectedly while I was still in my bathrobe.

That’s right, it’s another episode of The Mommy Show!

You might be thinking— how did you forget a celebrity was showing up at your home? Isn’t there a camera crew inside your apartment?

Yep, you caught me. I’m ACTING!

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Don’t I pull off “confused” really well?

Truth be told, that’s not even my bathrobe. I refused to wear my own bathrobe because it’s disgusting. I think it used to be white several years ago but now it’s a dingy gray with various make-up stains. I’ve been planning on buying a new bathrobe (just in case someone asked me to wear one on the internet, obviously) but it hasn’t happened yet. Anyway, the production assistant agreed to bring over her bathrobe instead and when she presented it to me, I thought she was joking.

“This looks like Oscar the Grouch was caught in a fire!”

Even so, we all agreed the green bathrobe would look not look quite as horrifying as the once-white bathrobe on camera. So there you go.

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Garcelle was a ridiculously good sport (as everyone has been) and was stunning and gracious and fun and all sorts of lovely adjectives. Most recently, she’s been blogging for People Magazine’s Moms & Babies and she wrote a children’s book called “I’m Mixed”, to give her twins children’s characters to which they could relate.

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Also in this episode, Garcelle made pasta necklaces, filled ice cube trays with baby food and changed Harlow’s crib sheets.

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I thought changing crib sheets would be one of the tougher challenges but Garcelle was a pro. Next time my kids pee on their sheets in the middle of the night, I’m calling Garcelle directly to change them for me. She is FAST!

And, she’s already seen me in a bathrobe, so how much worse would my pajamas be?

Check it out…