Some partnerships fall into your lap and they are so perfect you want to make that partnership last forever until you die. That was the case with Dyson when they told me they were interested in seeing Mike vacuum with their new cordless Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead.

Hmmmm. Interesting… I'm interested in seeing Mike vacuum too…

Who knew my and Dyson's goals were so aligned??

Then the following exchange happened over text message.

ME: Will you let me take a picture of you vacuuming? 

MIKE: With or without my shirt on?

ME: Is that a yes?

MIKE: Can I lift up the couch with one hand like Tony in the opening of "Who's the Boss?"

ME: Yes.

MIKE: Okay, I'm in. Are we getting a new vacuum?

ME: Yep. It's being delivered tomorrow.

MIKE: Sweet. Full size upright?

ME: No. It's a Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead. It's cordless. Look it up. It retails for $549. Supposedly, it out cleans the top 5 best selling full size vacuums.

MIKE: We shall see.

Oh my god! It's like the post was writing itself!

I called Dyson to tell them Mike was on board.

ME: Mike is on board.

DYSON: Great!

ME: Now, how many pictures do you want of him vacuuming?

DYSON: We are just hoping Mike enjoys using the—

ME: Do you want a bunch? Like Mike vacuuming different areas of the house? Maybe under the rugs too? You want a picture of him vacuuming underneath the bed? How about the curtains?? CAN WE PUT THIS IN WRITING???

You see, the thing my husband doesn't seem to understand is now that we've got kids and the whole marriage thing locked down, I'm not expecting him to woo me with flowers and candlelight.

You know what's sexy now?


Check out those biceps!

Photo 4 copy

Look at those veins popping in his forearms!

Photo 1 copy

I'm also a big fan of my husband cooking, giving the kids a bath and making sure the diaper bag has all the necessities for our road trip. Ooooo yeah, check that portable wipes box to see if it has enough wipes one more time, baby.

But back to vacuuming. Look at Mike reach the top of those curtains with his Digital Slim!

Photo 1

Wait. That sounded dirty. Totally unintentional. Sorry, Dyson.

The Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead is wireless and can vacuum for 24 minutes cord-free. It also converts to a handheld. Just remove the pole (is it just me or does everything sound dirty now?) and you've got a handy cordless you can keep in your nightstand for vacuuming emergencies. (OH MY GOD! WHAT'S HAPPENING????)

Photo 4

You know what? I'm just going to take language straight from the press release because this is heading to a very bad place.

“By putting a motor directly in the brush bar, we’re able to push bristles deeper into your carpet for superior performance, while maintaining the versatility of a handheld machine.”

Yeah, that's not helping either.

Okay. Seriously. The vacuum is really powerful and works awesome on both carpets and hard wood floors.

Photo 3

It's light (under 5lbs.), easy to use and so small, you can hang it in the rack with your brooms and mops and stuff!

Photo 2

Mike is probably the biggest naysayer I've ever met in my life and after five minutes using the DC59, he was sold. We had gotten a cleaning service the day before our little photo shoot (they come every two weeks) and I'm embarrassed to say how much additional dirt came up after Mike used our new vacuum.

Look— I even took a picture. 

Photo 2 copy 2

Disgusting, right?

Dyson says this extra dirt pick-up is due to a few things. 1) A newly configured cleaner head with a direct-drive motor to better agitate carpet pile and tackle ground-in spills and stains. 2) Carbon fiber filaments that reduce the build-up of static charge, aiding in the capture of dust on hard floors. 3) 2 Tier Radial™ cyclones that work in parallel to increase airflow to capture fine dust.

I'm telling you I saw this all happen with my own eyes.

Plus, it's so easy to go under the bed and up the curtains when you are not encumbered by a wire. The very next day, Mike marched that Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead right out to our car to continue the vacuuming there. I didn't even have to ask.

Look— here he is vacuuming while carrying a baby. SWOON.

Photo 3 copy

The DC59 is really high tech looking so I think it appeals to guys on a "big gadget" level, even if they don't typically vacuum. So get it for yourself, but really— GET IT FOR YOUR HUSBAND. Didn't he get you a blender that one time? I think this should be his next birthday gift.

Photo 2 copy

To get the word out about the new Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead, I'm partnering with Dyson on an Instagram contest called #DysonDads. We want pictures of dads doing "what's sexy now".

No, nobody shirtless with a rose in their mouth luring you into bed. I'm talking about dads doing what's REALLY sexy— household chores and taking care of their children. 

Below are a few photos I've captured of Mike that would qualify. He's actually pretty good about splitting responsibilities— especially when it comes to cooking.


You can tag new and old photos, as many as you like, with #DysonDads tagging and following both @mommyshorts and @dyson on Instagram. I'll be picking my ten favorite "what's sexy now" photos for the finals on June 30th. 

One winner will get a Dyson Digital Slim DC59 Motorhead valued at $549. Ten finalists will get a Dyson DC34 handheld valued at $199.


There is one catch. If you win, you MUST send me a photo of your husband vacuuming too.

You can tell him it’s written right there in the official rules for the contest.

You're welcome.


This post was sponsored by Dyson, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. The biceps belong to my husband, who really and truly loves his new vacuum.