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People always ask me what they should get for someone’s baby shower. I guess they think since I spend all day every day talking about parenting, I should know the perfect gift. It’s a pretty good asumption but it’s so much pressure! And I’m like— I have no clue, that depends on so many factors! What is your relationship to the mom-to-be? How much do you want to spend? Is this their first kid or their fifth kid? Is it a boy or a girl? Why aren’t you just taking the easy route and buying something off their registry???

If you want to get a gift that’s really personable, the main question you should be asking yourself is— what kind of mom do you imagine the friend/sister/neighbor wants to be?

The future helicopter parent might want something different than the future free range parent. The woman who wore high heels all throughout her pregnancy probably wants something different than the woman who started wearing drawstrings and flip flops three weeks in.

If you are currently trying to figure out what to get someone for their baby shower, take a pen and jot down your answers to the questions below. I picked possible baby shower gifts from my curated Nordstrom shop based on your responses.

AND, to reward you for your efforts, I’ll be giving away a Bugaboo Cameleon Stroller at the bottom of this post. FYI- Giving someone a stroller for her baby shower, especially a super fancy stroller like the Bugaboo Cameleon, makes you best friends for life, just so you know.



1. What is her pregnancy style?

a) Black and stretchy

b) Short floaty maternity dresses with five-inch heels

c) Novelty t-shirts with arrows pointing to her belly saying things like— “Not Everything Stays in Vegas!”

d) Jeans with the fly open and a belly band


2. When you’ve seen this person around children before, how has she acted?

a) She talks to them like they are adults

b) There’s lots of cooing and high-pitched squealing only dogs can hear

c) She gets down on their level and plays what they want to play

d) She taught them how to balance their checkbooks between epsiodes of Dora


3. How would she describe her own pregnancy?

a) “Sometimes I forget that I’m pregnant.”

b) “It’s the most beautiful time of my life.”

c) “I can’t wait for Halloween so I can paint my belly to look like a pumpkin!”

d) “Don’t ask me, read my daily pregnancy diary.”


4. What name choices is she thinking about?

a) Anouk for a girl, Knox for a boy

b) Savannah for a girl, Sebastian for a boy

c) Zoe for a girl, Brody for a boy

d) Alice for a girl, Henry for a boy


5. What has she been doing to plan for the baby?

a) She’s searching eBay for vintage toys that match her nursery decor

b) She’s buying every bejeweled flower headband she can find on Etsy

c) She’s dreaming about her eventual trip to Disney World

d) She’s researching products like she’s teaching Baby Registry 101 at the local college



If you answered mostly “a”, you are shopping for the “Cool Mom”. This mom wants people to think she’s just winging it, when in fact she puts a lot of thought into every item she owns. She’s minimalist, gender neutral and likes to stick to a simple color pallet.

Awesome baby shower gifts for the soon-to-be COOL MOM!

Possible gifts include: Jellycat bunny, Chewbeads bracelet, Nununu star onesieLittle Giraffe Chenille Blanket, skull romper, GoumimittsLovesaver teethers, Nuna travel crib, Numbers swaddle and the Olivia diaper bag.

If you answered mostly “b”, you are shopping for the “Fancy Mom”. This mom doesn’t care if her baby is going to ruin every outfit with blow-outs and spit-up. That just means more opportunities for wardrobe changes.

Awesome baby shower gifts for the soon-to-be FANCY MOM!

Possible gifts include the Flora the Flamingo book, Ralph Lauren tunic and bloomers, Stuart Weitzman gold crib shoes, hot pink ruffle dress, Sophie La Giraffe Protection Cream, Timi Leslie Diaper Bag, Soutache dress, Trumpette socks, Avery crown and a Ralph Lauren shirt with linen shorts.

If you answered mostly “c”, you are shopping for the “Fun Mom”. This mom likes novelty items, gifts with a sense of humor and rompers her baby can play in that won’t get in his way.

Awesome baby shower gifts for the soon-to-be FUN MOM!

Possible gifts include the Let the Fin Begin bathrobe, Moby waterfall rinser, Skiphop Zoo meal time plates, Stem baby dress, Dude t-shirt, Toxidoki diaper bag, lips pacifier, mustache pacifier, aviator knit hat, striped romper, and Trumpette sneaker socks.

If you answered mostly “d”, you are shopping for the “Expert Mom”. She wants items that are safe, organic and innovative. By the time the baby pops out, she plans to be the go-to resource for all her pregnant friends.

Awesome baby shower gifts for the soon-to-be EXPERT MOM!

Possible gifts include Moby bath spout cover, gingham shorts, Boon drying rack, Skiphop bath time kneeler, Skiphop Dup Diaper bag, Honest Company baby arrival gift set, Mixie, Tucker + Tate dress, bath time elbow rest, Nosefrida and the Motorolla wifi baby monitor.

You can find all items above in my Nordstrom shop. Make sure you click on my name under “blogger” in the advanced search bar to see my picks.

Today I am giving away the ultimate baby shower gift, the Mercedes of baby gear, the top of the line stroller at Nordstrom (and pretty much anywhere)— a Bugaboo Cameleon.


The grand prize includes the Bugaboo C3 Black Stroller and the C3 Tailored Fabric Set with an Extendable Canopy ($1089). You know what? I’m going to throw in a Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket ($68) which FYI is the softest and most delicious baby blanket ever and a Little Giraffe ‘Love Saver’ Teether ($20) just for the hell of it.

If you win, feel free to regift to the mom-to-be. (Yeah, right.)


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Winner will be announced on Friday, July 11th, right back here at the bottom of this blog post.

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Good luck!


WINNER: Congratulations to Katrina Sloan!

Katrina said, “I have to stick with the A&A muslin swaddles. They have been a favorite in my house for 3.5 years and both my kids (3.5 and 2.5) still use their swaddles as blankets now. The most versatile baby product we owned! I personally would fall under the “expert mom” profile, but I a playing for my sister who has a 2 week old baby – her first and she is definitely a ‘cool mom’.”

Katrina’s sister is apparently both a “cool mom” and a “lucky mom”! Please email to claim your prize.

The contest is now closed.