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I’ve had some pretty big stars on the Mommy Show, like Oscar nominated actress Julianne Moore, Emmy award winning actor Tony Hale, and the voice of the most popular Disney princess of all time, Idina Menzel (aka Elsa). Why all these fabulous people agreed to come over my apartment to fold my laundry and fight with Mazzy over her glue stick is totally beyond me.

Did you know there are 18 episodes now?

Sarah Drew might not be a household name but I was probably more excited to meet her than anyone.

Sarah plays Dr. April Kepner on Grey’s Anatomy, which I have watched religiously since Season One. In fact, it was April’s relationship with Jackson that kept me interested when the other plot lines felt like they started repeating themselves. (Why do so many doctors keep losing use of one of their limbs?? Cue the emotional/physical recovery story arc needed to get them back into surgery again!)

Any other Grey’s fans out there? Wasn’t there something so satisfying about seeing April get the guy? I love me some Jackson.

Sarah Drew is currently starring in the movie, Mom’s Night Out, a comedy about a mom trying to take a much needed break from her unruly kids and mess of a house. I think we all can relate. The moms go out, the dads are put in charge and hilarity ensues. Sarah’s character is a mommy blogger so even if the night was a huge disaster, at least she got a blog post out of it, right?


In addition to promoting her movie, Sarah plays doctor with Mazzy, crafts McDreamy head gear out of tin foil and guesses the meanings of words mispronounced by toddlers.

Then I locked her in a room and made her tell me all the spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy Season Eleven. We shall miss you, Christina Yang!

Click to watch the full epsiode below.