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This week was all about dependency— blankies, bottles, and hideous dollies. Did you notice the theme? Neither did I until I started writing this recap. Last week had sort of an Oscar theme. And the week before that was all about… ummm… yeah, I had no theme that week whatsoever. No matter. Lots happened. One big thing that happened? I got invited to be part of the BabyCenter Blog Network. Why does this matter to you? Because it means my giveaways just got ratcheted up a notch. Next week I'm giving away an $100 gift certificate to Diapers.com. That's like totally useful, right?

What else happened over the three week period that it took Mazzy to finally forget about B-A-B-A?

• I deemed writing thank you cards more painful than bikini waxing

I freaked out in Utah

Abby Cadabby stabbed me in the eye

• I broke up with myself on Craig's List

You named your kid Thomas because you love english muffins

Dr. B got naked

Hannibal Lecter guest posted

• Tom Hanks joined the pageant circuit

I failed at shadow puppets

• A kid vacuuming in his underwear won The Baby Fashion Showdown

• I declared the first Monday in March "Boo Apreciation Day"

Charlie Sheen and I shared a crack pipe

I asked a baby to find me my next freelance gig

And lastly?

• The Hideous Doll Sisters made a suicide pact and jumped from my twelfth floor apartment window! (or at least that was the happy dream I had last night)

Plus more funny baby videos, parental tweets, and a giveaway of my friend Randi's GORGEOUS book— Paper + Craft (you can enter to win until Thursday of next week).

Thanks also to Lori (the speech pathologist behind Your Child Talking) for her guest post on pacifiers, Natalie from Mommy of A Monster for submitting her baby for captioning and Jessica from Four Plus An Angel for submitting last week's question to Dr. B. If you have a funny baby picture or a question for our resident developmental psychologist— please email me.

I also wanted to thank everyone for voting for me for Babble's Top 50 Mommy Bloggers. Your votes paid off and I am currently sitting pretty at #44. Let's hope I stay there. For your sakes! (Insert pic of Baby Hannibal here).

Have a good weekend!

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