A couple of weeks ago, Mike and I took Mazzy to Utah. From New York, that's about five and a half hours on a plane. If your baby is under two, you don't have to buy them their own seat so we thought we'd stick her on our collective lap and hope for the best. I must say, she was pretty well-behaved. But it turns out, that even a well-behaved baby on a plane is pretty much a TOTAL NIGHTMARE.

Without further ado, I present…


Here's how INTENSE AGITATION breaks down in case you're curious:

• Wondering how a person a quarter of your size needs 10x as much stuff
• Trying to cram yourself into a seat with a baby, a freezer bag and a pillow pet
• Cursing the people in first class
• Rationing food like you're locked in a war bunker
• Bribing the flight attendant for extra snacks
• Untangling your baby from assorted headphone wires
• Chasing the baby down the aisle as she tries to eat crumbs off the floor and steal other passengers' iPads
• Reminiscing about something called a "book"
• Glaring at the mother across the aisle whose child appears to have slept throughout the entirety of the inflight movie
• Constantly moving your drink in an effort to keep the baby from spilling it
• Cleaning up your spilled drink
• Cleaning up your spilled drink
• Cleaning up your spilled drink
• Questioning what the ingestion of an inflight magazine does to the digestive track of a small child
• Hoarding napkins
• Hoping the feeling in your thighs will return before your flight home

And finally,


On second thought, INTENSE AGITATION deserves a much bigger piece of the pie. If Mommy Shorts was some sort of journalistic enterprise, I would have to go back and recreate the pie chart clocking INTENSE AGITATION at somewhere around 85%— for integrity's sake. Thank god, I have no such ethical obligations.

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