Last night, I got sucked into writing my first short fiction piece. Operative word is SHORT. It's about love and rejection at sleepaway camp. I didn't post it in the regular stream of things because it felt like a big departure from my normal fare but if you'd like to check it out, you are more than welcome. It's hiding over here.

Secondly, I had a nice surprise while watching the Oscars. Wally Pfister, the winner for Best Cinematography (for his work on Inception) was the DP on a commercial shoot of mine a couple of years ago. It was a spot I made for Oreo to run during the Olympics in China with my amazing partner and friend Rachel Birnbaum. If you don't mind, I thought I'd share it as a little precursor to the main event…

Oreo: Train from Ilana W on Vimeo.

Thirdly, I just added Google Friend Connect to my right sidebar. I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to do with it yet but if you do, go right ahead and join. Then you and my seven friends can all pretend together that it's very exclusive.

And finally, what you've all been waiting for—The Baby Fashion Showdown. Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures. In my head, all the photos were going to look red-carpet-esque and this post was going to be like the baby version of Joan and Melissa's Post-Oscars Fashion Rundown. But in reality, I struggled to come up with commentary, and felt less Joan, more Giuliana Rancic. Translation: Not nearly as funny. But here it goes regardless.

Let's start with Mazzy…


Above is my baby girl in a series I call "Dropping My Drink While Wearing A Dress That Prevents Me From Retrieving It Really Blows. Thanks, Grandma".

Next up… "Most Miserably Fancy" goes to siblings, Ellison & Madison…


Although, to be fair, Madison had fully accepted that her date was her brother until he showed up with a band aid on his chin.

In case you thought it may have gotten better…


Nope. It only got worse.

The "Best Dressed Siblings Up to No Good" award goes to Adan and Isabel…


I can't be positive what exactly is going on here but I'm pretty sure there's some stealing of scotch tape and Adan is about five seconds away from punching me.

Moving on to the ladies…


Clockwise from top left, we've got Ella learning the art of Chinese foot binding, Sophie overdosing on pink in a way that we can only blame her mother, Anna (from Unglamorous Mommy) asking her handler to please remove her from the beach and place her poolside and Emma giving her mom a look that says, "You will have to cut this dress off of me while I am sleeping".

Next I'm giving out the "I've Got Nothing To Say About This Adorable Picture" award to Analeigh…


But "Most Red Carpet Ready" has got to go to Alexis…


If only because she subscribes to the Halle Berry School of Red Carpet Mastery. Lesson #1: Show them the front. Lesson #2: Show them the back.

And now for the men…


Clockwise from top left, we've got Charlie rockin' the bowtie and looking like a regular on Cheers, Aidan either practicing his book jacket pose or getting ready for the Republican Convention, Ben taking a risk with a slim tie and a cabbie hat and C trying his best to keep it cool and casual as his mom (the infamous 1000 Reasons I'm a Crap Mom) marries his replacement.

But best dressed overall MUST go to Nixon…


Because if Nixon's mom is going to humiliate her son by sending in a photo of him dressed in underoos and thigh high black leather women's boots while operating a toy vacuum, the least I can do is let him win the whole damn thing.


If you are interested in contributing pictures of your kids to Mommy Shorts, you can do so through baby profiles or for caption contests. I also post on the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage whenever I am looking for something specific, like the fancypants babies pictured above.