The Business

You know, I really need to trust my judges. The second I saw the caption "Well, Clarice— have the lambs stopped screaming?" from JLK of Pieces of Me, I emailed her to say she would be the winner if I was judging. Turns out I needn't have worried. Emily of Jam of Love, our reigning Caption Contest Queen, picked JLK as the clear winner as well. She even sent in the shot of Hannibal Lecter (below left) to further back her selection. You judges really go above and beyond!


I find it quite fitting that Natalie (Hannibal's mom) is the blogger behind Mommy of a Monster. I'm just not sure she knew that her monster was of the Welsh flesh-eating variety.

I must also give the following shout-outs:

Best Reality Show Reference goes to Elle from This is Mommyhood:

"Richard Blais, you will never be Top Chef! First you steal my spot on the show, then you copy my hair?! A pox on you!! A pox I say!"

Best Insult to the Academy goes to Heidi from Madame Paradox:

"I told the academy Franco & Hathaway were a bad idea. Why does no one listen to me?!"

Best of the Hair References goes to Suzi H:

"There's about five pounds of gel in this fauxhawk. And I can cut you with it."

And lastly, Best Caption Using My Least Favorite Word in the Universe goes to Kevin Blah:

"For the last time. Less talk. More tits".

You can find the rest of the submitted captions under the original post.

Congratulations once again to JLK who if you must know, is making her second reign as Queen. I wasn't sure if that was legal but I checked the Caption Contest Bylaws and it appears to be just fine. So JLK, in addition to judging the next caption contest, you are free to take a SECOND crown, if you desire. Thanks for playing!


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