I don't often (ever) talk about crafts around here. I find it hard enough to make a shadow puppet, let alone a crocheted toilet paper caddy or a paper mache hatbox. The craftiest thing I've done for my kid thus far was to sew two square pieces of felt together for Mazzy's baby sushi costume last year. And even then, I needed help. But every once in awhile I delve into the world of DIY design blogs and think— this stuff looks gorgeous! And I can make it with just a pencil, a piece of thread and a cereal box? And then Martha Stewart will knock on my door begging me to photograph it? Count me in!

But then I'm faced with my first five minutes of free time in three weeks and I think— do I want to use this time to make a beanbag mouse out of a sock and some lentils? Or do I want to take a shower?

Showers win every time.

All of this is a roundabout way of saying— if I ever DID spend the time making something crafty, it better be something a blindfolded preschooler can pull off and it better look fantastic. Or else I missed my showering opportunity for nothing.

63861472 Enter Paper + Craft: 25 Charming Gifts, Accents, and Accessories to Make from Paper. A book by Minhee & Truman Cho, the masterminds behind Paper + Cup Design. Inside you'll find what looks to be incredibly simple craft projects that involve only paper, scissors and possibly some glue. No sewing needles. No lentils. Apparently, with just these three simple items, you can create fun things like bird mobiles, monogrammed nightlights, pinwheel placecards and mustache drink toppers.

In the book, all of it is styled GORGEOUSLY (see picture at top), which has everything to do with my friend Randi Brookman Harris, the prop stylist behind the whole affair. (If you ever wanted to be supremely jealous of someone else's job, check out her portfolio). Remember last week when I said I needed a prop stylist to catapult my baby videos to the next level? Well, I'd ask Randi, but she just had a baby herself barely a month ago so she's probably a wee bit busy.

Somehow though, between feedings, naptimes and what-the-hell-have-I-gotten-myself-into-moments, Randi found the time to mail me a copy of her book for a giveaway. Just enter to win by leaving a comment below. As always, you must be a member of the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage to win. Not to be difficult, just because I want my giveaways to be for the people who are continually supporting me and my site. If you are not already a member, you can become one by clicking the like button on my right sidebar or by clicking here.

If perchance, you would rather crazy glue your hand to the carpet than use it to create anything craft related, than you should check out Paper + Cup Design's online shop. They've got ingenious chalkboard calendars, handpressed journals, and personalized stationery all of which come fully crafted without you ever having to lay a hand on a pair of scissors.

Winner will be announced next Friday, March 18th. Good luck!

And the winner is… Lisa (The Unglamorous Mommy)! Congratulations. Email your address to so that I can send you the book. Then if you could please make one of each project and mail it back to me so that I can use them as home decor, that would be awesome. Thanks!