Since Mazzy is only 14 months, our window into children's television is still relatively small. So far she is only watching Sesame Street which I have given the label of "TOLERABLE"— a moniker hard to come by within the cartoon/muppet arena. Case in point: I had a brief foray into the world of "Max and Ruby" at a friend's house and I gave that the label of "Who Will Be The First To Supply Me With A Gun?"

Although, in regards to Sesame Street, it's definitely slipped a bunch since I was little. For instance, I remember a time when it was not quite so Elmo focused. And Snuffaluffagus was only seen by Big Bird. Where is Big Bird anyway? And who is this Abby Cadabby chick? I don't like her. Although, from what I've read, she's the first female muppet on Sesame Street so my dislike for her might just be another case of women trying to keep other women down. Oops.

Rock on, Abby Cadabby! Break the glass ceiling in the male world of muppets!

Did I have a point? YES. If you aren't already aware that you should be fearing children's television with all that's left of your adult life, the guy's at SMOOSH have made that SUPER CLEAR in the video below…


Editor's Note: If you click on the Max & Ruby link you will find a question on which asks— "Does Max & Ruby suck?" The answer? A simple— "Yes". (No need to click over now, just thought you might find it as amusing as I did).