MommyshortsUserGuideA big welcome to all my new facebook fans! Of course I love everyone that reads my blog but the new fans are so shiny! I thought I'd take the new fans and the new year as an opportunity to put together The Mommy Shorts User Guide, because ideally, I want this blog to be an interactive place and not just me spouting on and on about my child. Although, have you met her? Because she is ADORABLE. But I'm sure your kids (if you've got 'em) are cute too, although without any concrete evidence, I have no way of knowing for sure. Which brings me too…

Reader Shorts: If you have any cute pictures or funny videos of your kids that you'd like to share, I would love to see them. Maybe I'll use one for a caption contest or a "separated at birth" post. Maybe your kid will be cast as Inigo Montoya in my baby rendition of the Princess Bride. Who knows? I also put out alerts on facebook if I am looking for something specific— like holiday pics or cake smash shots. And don't think because you sent in photos once, I don't want to hear from you again. I love when the same kids are featured over and over again so we all get to know them together. Just look at breakout Mommy Shorts phenomenon— Charlie!

Baby Profiling: Most Fridays, I post recaps and baby profiles. But I'll make an exception if you would like your baby's profile posted on their actual birthday. Baby profiles are reader submitted by emailing me a picture of your kid (close-up is best) with short answers to a few profile questions. If you have a blog, you can use your answers to link back to your own posts. Here's an example…

IMG_1996   Name: Mazzy Rose

  Nickname: Munchkin

  Build: Compact with a pot belly

  Signature Style: Seventies Chic

  Favorite Grub: The plate

  Can't Live Without: Her secret
  stash of Cheerios

  Favorite Book: For Just One Day

  Pet Peeve: Putting on her PJs 

  Best Trick: Nose wipe deflection
  and pulling down my pants 

  Future Career: Trapeze artist or

Got it? If you'd like to submit a profile, click here.

Caption Contest Queen: I post caption contests every other week. If you win the contest, then you are crowned "Queen" (at a fabulous ceremony that exists in my head). The title comes with the supreme honor of judging the next caption contest. If you are a man, and you don't like the title of "Queen" (although you might), I will name you something more appropriate. Like "Duchess".

Comment Candy: I love comments. Really I do. Short ones. Long ones. Serious, clever, whatever. Just seeing your names pop up in my inbox makes me happy. I respond to about 90% of them. I don't know if commenters ever check back, but know that if you do, there is likely a response sitting quietly with its hands to itself waiting for your return.

The Mommy Shorts Shop: Almost all items featured on Mommy Shorts can be found in The Mommy Shorts Shop. (Nobody pays me to feature them). If you want to purchase one of the items, I ask that you please do it through my shop because then I get a commission from Amazon on the sale. If all goes as planned, I can buy that new pair of socks I've been coveting by next Christmas.

Dr. B: Dr. B has a doctorate in early childhood development (those things aren't easy to get!) and since she's my sister, I have exclusive access to her. Well, I have to split her with her husband, her dog and her dayjob, but otherwise she is all mine! Which means she is yours, too. If you have a question regarding your child's development, just email me. (Your question is posted annoymously).

Giveaways: You can always find the current giveaway as well as the announcement of the winner in the upper right hand corner of my sidebar. Giveaways are for facebook fans only. Not because I want to be difficult but because I want my loyal readers to be rewarded. Currently, I am giving away a beautiful customized mommy necklace from Artwark. If you haven't already entered (and why wouldn't you?), you have until Jan 7th.

Payback: I'm not gonna lie about it— I want Mommy Shorts to catch on. The more followers the better. In exchange for keeping you all entertained, I'd love if you could spread the word. How can you do that? Tell your friends, vote for me at, click on the Top Mommy Blogs or the Top Baby Blogs buttons, click "like" under the post or on the facebook fanpage, share my posts, link to me, retweet, etc. The more you get involved, the more others get involved and then the more fun it is for everyone I hope.

Lastly, if you have any feedback whatsoever, please comment or send me an email. Even if it's to say— shut up with the stupid user guide stuff and get back to the regularly scheduled program!

Thanks for reading. Sincerely.
—Mommy Shorts