Today's special edition baby profile is brought to you by Katie and her little man, Elijah, who turns two today. You might remember Elijah from his famous photograph, "Blue Icing Coma". Mommy Shorts wishes you an even bigger cake smash this year.


Elijah     Name: Elijah

  Nicknames: Peanut or E.J. 

  Build: String bean 

  Signature Color: Blue, to match
  his big blue eyes, of course

  Food Philosophy: No morsel left

  Prized Posession: A handmade
  blanket from his Great Grandma

  Can't Live Without: Weekly visits
  from Grandpa

  Favorite Books: Where the Wild
  Things Are
and Love You Forever

  Pet Peeve: NAP TIME, NAP

  Best Trick: Not taking a nap all day and then still having the energy to stay up 'til 2AM (Mommy needs reinforcements!)  

Future Career: Heartbreaking leading man


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