As I spoke about yesterday, Mazzy's cake smash wasn't quite what I had hoped. I mean— check out the little guy above on the right. Granted, I found this picture on in some sort of best-cake-smash-shots-of-all-time album so clearly he's big league— but STILL. Thankfully, we have one more shot at the family-only party tomorrow. Mazzy—you better BRING IT.

In the mean time, I present to you "The Mommy Shorts Reader Submitted Cake Smash Album". They might not kill it like the blue guy up top but who wants to be the mother who has to clean THAT up?

First, we've got Carson in "Cat Ate The Canary".

Carson cake

Next there's Ella clearly asking for seconds in "You Can't Say No To This Face".  


Then we have Elijah rocking the "Shirtless Cake Smash" alternately titled "Blue Icing Coma".

Elijah cake

Below is Maya who somehow managed to make a mess of her cake while remaining completely spotless in "The Magician". Editor's Note: If there are any secrets you'd like to share with the group, Maya's Mom, we are all listening.

Maya cake

Next up is Hunter in what I like to call "The Thinker's Cake Smash" or perhaps a better title would be "Dr. Evil Meets Dessert".

Hunter cake

And then there's Hayden and his incredible head of hair in "Multi-Tasking Cake Smash".

Hayden cake

Followed by Mazzy's boyfriend, Charlie in what can only be called "Dreamboat Cake Smash". (Mazzy likes to imagine that his little wave is just for her).


And lastly, we have a submissison from Lauren. I can think of no better place for that ridiculously expensive dog toy named Sophie than face down in a plate of cake.



Next week, we'll be back to baby profiling. If you've sent me a baby profile, thanks for your patience, they will be appearing soon! If you'd like to submit your baby for profiling, please click here.