Il_570xN.166663161   As I have previously mentioned, I
  am terrible at the holidays. This is
  either due to Judaism or laziness.
  In any case, while I was busy not
  getting gifts for anyone else, I also
  neglected to get a gift for any of
  you. "You" meaning the people who
  read my blog. But I'd like to remedy
  that because in addition to my
  adorable baby girl, this blog has
  been a huge part of why 2010 has been so incredibly great. And if it wasn't for people like yourselves reading it, my devotion to writing it would be a lot harder to explain.

So here is my belated gift— a chance to win a beautiful customized necklace from Artwark. It's a 12mm 24K gold vermeil coin hand-stamped with one or two letters accompanied by your choice of birthstone, on a 14K gold filled chain. If it were me, I'd put an "M" for Mazzy accompanied by a blue zircon for December and make it into what they call a "mommy necklace". But that's me. Maybe you have a cat that you like better than your child and would prefer to honor them instead. Or maybe you don't have a child and would like to inscribe the initials "SL" for "Social Life". It's your gift, therefore it is up to you. Additionally, you are free to add to the necklace to make it a family affair at your own expense. An extra gold coin is $22 and an extra birthstone is $10. (See more pics of the necklace and shop Artwark by clicking here).

You can easily enter by leaving a comment below. But this giveaway is for fans only so you must be a facebook fan of Mommy Shorts to be eligible for the prize. If you are not already a fan, you can easily become one by clicking "like" on the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage box located on my right sidebar. Or you can join by clicking here. If you are also a facebook fan of Artwark, you get an extra entry. Just say so in your comment. Join the Artwark fanpage by clicking here.

I'll be running this giveaway for the next two weeks and will announce the winner on January 7th at 8pm. Currently, you can take advantage of Artwarks's New Year's Sale by using the code "NEWYEAR11" to get 11% off any item from their shop where you'll find a large selection of unique handmade pieces.

Maybe I don't suck at the holidays after all. Cause won't it be extra special to get a gift just when you thought all the gift-giving was over? (You can borrow this sentiment for belated birthday gifts, wedding gifts, baby shower gifts, etc.— just make sure to give it back to me before next year).

Happy Holidays!

Love, Mommy Shorts

PS: If you would like to vote for Mommy Shorts for's Top 50 Mommy Bloggers that would be AWESOME (you can click this link and find me easily on the second page— last time I checked, I was #74) but I have no way of verifying your vote, so it won't get you another entry, and is not necessary to enter. But again— it would be AWESOME.

AND THE WINNER IS… Jessica K! Happy Belated Holidays! Email me at to claim your prize. Be sure to include what initial(s) you would like on the necklace with which birthstone. You can look at your choices by clicking here. And if there is more than one Jessica K, "the random number generator" picked the Jessica K that commented at 3pm today, right under the wire— LUCKY BITCH!