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Remember when Silver Medalist Noelle Pikus Pace came over and I beat her at a brand new Olympic event? That event was “Let’s See Who Can Cut a Slice of Pizza into as Many Pieces as Possible within One Minutes Time”.


It’s a very competitive event and if anybody would like to challenge me, I am up for it.

It’s probably my own fault I have so much practice in this particular challenge because my five-year-old still insists on eating a slice of pizza with a fork and knife. We might have to revoke her New Yorker card. It’s a pretty serious offense.

This very special episode of the Mommy Show is also the one where Blossom almost lost her virginity. Wait. That’s not right. It’s the one where Harlow wore a go-pro. Any excuse to show that picture again.


Noelle and I also competed in a hidden pacifier challenge and a LEGO sorting challenge. If I had Noelle over again, I would probably add a few more Mommy challenges to the mix (including the Clean Laundry Relay, the Winter Gear-a-thon and Extreme Diaper Changing).

Hey, Noelle— do you want to come over again?

What event would do you think you could win the Mommy Olympics?

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