Melania_trump2  Typically, when I create my
  Thursday "Best of Baby Design"
  posts, I do not think about price
  point. I like to find THE BEST
  designed baby items whether it
  be a revolutionary set of $110 Tegu
or an equally awesome $18
  backpack from Skiphop
. But more
  often than not, the well-designed
  items that I come across exceed
  what any sane person would or
  should pay for them. Not that the
  items aren't beautifully crafted. It's
  just that kids are fickle. And dirty.
  And have a tendency to break
  things. And smart parents should
  consider eventual snot and saliva
  coverage before making a baby purchase. All this is why I have decided to create a feature called "Big Ticket, Little Ticket". This way I can highlight well-designed items at a price point we can all swallow while also showcasing the really gorgeous BIG TICKET items that are most likely only found in the carefully curated bedrooms of Miss Suri Cruise and Lord Barron Trump (pictured top).

Let's open with an $800 doll pram from Silver Cross, shall we?


Just so there is no confusion. This is a DOLL pram. Not a pram in which to put your regular breathing baby. This is a pram in which your breathing baby puts their fake unbreathing baby. Clear? And no, it doesn't come with a doll that poops hit pop songs inside. If somebody knows a person that would pay for this, please enlighten me. Scratch that. Call me. Then tell me where they live, so my baby can beat their baby with a free stick she found in the street. Cause nobody and I mean nobody (I'm talking to you Katie Holmes!) should let their child play with an $800 anything.

Which brings me to the wooden Haba Heart Doll Pram


Adorable isn't it? So tasteful and precious and at only $170.99, it's a— wait, WHAT? That seems ridiculous too! These manufacturers are aware that babies can be entertained by a cardboard box and a wooden spoon, yes? Alright, my bad. The wooden Haba pram just became THE MIDDLE TICKET. I'm going to give THE LITTLE TICKET to this affordable pink polka dot doll pram from Badger.

The Badger 3-in-1 Doll Pram easily converts into a carrier and a stroller. It will cost you a mere $29.99 which seems like PEANUTS now, right? Come to think of it, shopping for a doll pram takes on exactly the same evolutionary thought process as shopping for an apartment in Manhattan.