Over the last couple of weeks, I continued to play with the site's design and I think I'm finally happy with where it ended up. I also tried my hand at writing some product reviews but just so we're clear— I will only put my stamp on items in which I truly believe.  I started Baby Cool Hunting which has opened me up to a lot of new and interesting content and I continued working with my sister (AKA Dr. B) on Games Good Parents Play. I even added Dr. B Recommends to the Mommy Shorts Shop, which has her top choices for toys that are most beneficial to your baby's development. And I began The Great Discussions Experiment on facebook. (What's that? You'd haven't particpated yet? You can do so here).

Here's what else happened over the last two weeks…

• I was mortified by my single friend at brunch so I made her eat huevos rancheros by herself

• I learned to embrace my mommy status while simultaneously identifying with Heidi Montag

• I bragged about Mazzy's incredible taste in baby decor

• I played Old MacDonald on repeat, danced Bollywood, and rearranged my apartment because Dr. B said so

• Mazzy cashed in on some Apple stock and took us out to lunch

• Our babies checked-in on Foursquare

• We celebrated the end of the skull craze by buying a skull themed onesie

• We learned more about Mazzy's boyfriend, Charlie, who by the way, is pretty stoked to be dating a model

• We were introduced to Mazzy's new Enemy #1 which means Steve Jobs is officially off the hook

We didn't make any new mom friends possibly due to the beginning of a bad snorting habit

• Plus we saw lots more funny baby videos, parental tweets, and unique baby gift ideas

As always, I welcome any submissions of parenting stories, parental tweets, or funny baby videos. Please send them to You'll be given full credit. And if you haven't already joined the Mommy Shorts facebook fanpage, for the love of Mazzy— please do so. I update it daily.

For the rest of the day we will be Baby Profiling. If you would like your baby profiled, please click here. Happy Friday!