A good mom friend of mine told me the ERGO Carrier was the way to go so that’s what we got. But before we even opened the box, another so-called baby expert friend of mine told me the ERGO had no neck support and we should get the BJORN. So we exchanged it and got the BJÖRN Synergy. Turns out, by the time the baby met the weight requirement for the BJORN, she had full control of her neck anyway which defeated the whole purpose of the exchange.  But what’s done is done and I was willing to give it go.

I found the BJORN complicated to adjust to my body. Also, because it appears as if there are enough arm straps to outfit an octopus, putting it on is the opposite of intuitive. The first few times I used it, I had to muster up every bit of available brain power to get it on correctly; brain power being in short supply when you’ve just given birth. When you turn the baby around to face frontwards, the little neck support part is supposed to fold down to stay out of the baby’s way. But as hard as I tried, I couldn’t get it to stay folded so it kept popping up into the baby’s face. And let me just tell you— THE BABY DOES NOT LIKE THAT. Plus, when you wear it, you look like you are going skydiving with your chute on backwards. Or you’re trying to protect yourself from potential gunfire. Or you’re a transformer. I ended up using a sling for the first few months because the BJORN wasn’t working for me. My husband likes the BJORN though and uses it till this day.

When the baby got too big for the sling, I exhaled for about five minutes and then decided to buy the ERGO again. I have to say it was a great decision— I LOVE THE ERGO.  (Mom friend #1 says I told you so.  So-called baby expert friend can suck it.) Not only is the ERGO way more comfortable and much easier to put on and adjust (adjusting it yourself while it’s already on is super easy), but I actually think it looks good on. It covers your tummy which is a nice post-pregancy plus and it hangs around your waist in such a way that it gives you the swooped back/popped butt thing that Heidi Montag was going for in her crazy back shaving procedure. (I didn’t understand then Heidi, but I get it now!) Plus- POCKETS!!!!! This is an unbelievable benefit. And it’s got a cover that snaps over the baby’s head to protect it from the sun and the rain or to help the baby sleep with his or her head completely supported.

The only other thing to consider is how you want the baby to be positioned. The Bjorn can be used so the baby is facing you or is facing out (although you might run into that flap problem like I did). The ERGO does not work with the baby facing out BUT it has the added advantage of being able to put the baby on your back like a backpack.

All things considered, I am still way happier with the ERGO.

I’m pretty sure the baby loves the ERGO too because the only way we can get her to nap on the weekends is to put her in it and take a walk. And that is worth much more than the price of two carriers, a sling, some bickering between friends, and an unfortunate kinship with Heidi Montag combined.

Feel free to use the links below to purchase either one but first, a bonus pic of Mazzy happy in the ERGO.