Picture 19 Remember that video I posted a couple of weeks ago of a baby singing "Baby" by Justin Bieber?

Well, that very same day, it seems Justin and Mazzy had a private pow-wow in which he told her of his plans to oversaturate every corner of the earth with bubble gum pop and various haircuts. He also said the only corner left untouched was our apartment.

Then he taught Mazzy the tune to "Baby" and insisted that she sing it CONSTANTLY. 

Mazzy obliged.

To be clear, I do not own any Justin Bieber albums. We do not listen to him in our home. Mazzy's rapid-fire osmosis of this song is based purely on aforementioned pow-wow and one or two listens of the video mentioned above.

I should also point out that this is one of the first attempts my 16 month old has made at carrying out a tune. So if there is one thing I can't argue with, it's this— the Bieb's songs are CATCHING.

I mean— CATCHY.


If you must know, I had to purchase the song for the purpose of making this video. Justin Bieber wins every goddamn time.