Here are some gift ideas if you're interested in having your baby ride out the tail end of the skull trend— a trend that started or ended with the late Alexander McQueen, depending on your point of view. OR you just have a thing for pirates and are in the process of teaching your baby how to say "Aargh!" Or maybe your kid isn't the skull sporting type but you need to get a gift for your try-hard-aging-hipster-rockstar-wannabe friend who NEEDS his new baby to be a mini-hipster-rockstar-wannabe so he can tote him along unselfconsciously to band practice post-Gymboree

In any case—even if nothing says a trend is over more than it's appearance on a onesie, Mazzy would proudly own any of the items below. (Except the belt, she might be a rockstar but she is no wannabe). 

Clockwise from left: Pirate babies from Warm Sugar, Crookshank fine art print from August Eve, Pink pirate party hats from Peas and Thank Yous, Skull onesie from Mi Cielo, Skull rocker belt from Belties, Sock monkey pirate from Turtle & Rye, Pirate ship onesie from Happy Family, Skull hair clip from Flashy Fish