It's Friday which means it's time for Baby Profiling. If you would like to get your baby profiled please click here. Specifically, we are looking for one more baby girl for next week. Today we are all about the boys…


Aaron IMG_3923  Name: Aaron

  Nickname: Bug

  Build: Strong like moose

  Signature Style:
  Opinionated onesies

  Favorite Grub: Electronics
  with a side of Veggie Stix

Best Trick: Putting toys out the doggy door

Future Career: Soccer playing ladies man



Crawling   Name: Isaac 

  Nickname: Taddles

  Build: Well-padded

  Signature Style: Dinosaur onesies
  and camo socks

  Favorite Grub: Mommy's hair

  Can't Live Without:
Foam connector pieces of floor mat

Pet Peeve: Putting hand through sleeve. Stupid sleeve.

Favorite Book: For reading- Hippos Go Berserk, for eating- Good Puppy

Best Trick: Turning off the faucet while mom & dad are trying to give him a bath

Future Career: Search-and-rescue



101_1465   Name: Crew

  Nickname: Zeus

  Build: Like a bull

  Signature Swagger: Like he
  owns the place

  Least Favorite Word: NO!

  Can't Live Without: His blankie

Food Philosophy: I'll have what Mommy's having

Future Career: Bouncer