Last week, I opened up the Mommy Shorts Shop. If you checked it out, you might have noticed that it is Amazon in a very bad disguise. BUT- each item has been handpicked by me and almost everything can be found in Mazzy’s nursery. Or more accurately—scattered around my apartment in ways that could potentially endanger anyone that wasn’t looking at the floor while walking. 

I figured, since I am trying to promote Mazzy’s excellent taste in all things baby, it would probably be helpful to include some pictures of her room.  I’m pretty proud of the decor— which is a nice outcome considering I obsessed over every single item for nine months.  It’s the room I always wished I had as a little girl. That is, if I hadn’t been the little girl who picked out royal blue wall-to-wall shag when her mom took her bedroom carpet shopping at the age of six. Poor thing had to live with that decision for the next ten years.

After the jump, you’ll find a complete rundown of resources as well as more photos of the room.



Let’s start with the big items. The antique blue dresser is from Pottery Barn— we use it as our changing table.  The drawers are huge and perfect for fitting all of the baby’s stuff. I had my heart set on an Eames molded plastic rocker but my husband convinced me that it was a decision I’d live to regret. I ended up getting a comfy glider from Pottery Barn slip-covered in a natural twill. (When I settle into that chair every night at 4am trying to rock the baby back to sleep, I always hear my husband’s voice whispering- I told you so). I bought a white modern crib from Oeuf to round out all the traditional pieces. I also bought a cheap storage ottoman at Home Goods and reupholstered it in bubblegum pink velvet from Duralee to use as toy storage. The reading lamp is from Restoration Hardware. And I got a plain cream colored rug from Home Depot. The best decision and biggest splurge are the curtains from Anthropologie. They are ivory linen with black scripted handwriting depicting bits of love letters in different languages. I LOVE THEM. Two absolute baby necessities include the Minka Aire Retro Pink Fan and the Crane Pig Humidifier. Last but not least, I had a custom bookshelf made at Gothic Cabinet. I opted for super simple construction- no details so it would look modern- and chose to paint it myself— white on the outside and a high gloss peachy pink on the inner shelves.

As for knick-knacks, the giraffe and elephant piggy banks were both from Giggle. The square pouf in front of the chair is from Zid Zid Kids. The Paper Dolls Storage Bin is from DwellStudio— we use it as a hamper. The old school lunch box as well as some of the vintage looking pictures are from a little gift store in the East Village called Pink Olive. The hand knit Lulu Flower Doll is part of the always adorable Blabla collection and the awesome pink inflatable hopping horse is Rody from Gymnic. The mobile was handcrafted by Almost Sunday. The marquee “M” is from IOU Vintage and I took the liberty of spray painting it gold. The items on the glider are a DwellStudio owl pillow and a miYim Organic Bunny. Other items on the bookshelf and around the room are the infamous Sophiea Rag & Bone baby book, Skwish from Manhattan Toys, Olivia, a Tiffany’s porcelain bunny banka wooden apple musicbox from West Elm, Stripes The Long Earred Bunny, the Sleep Sheep and various books all listed in the Mommy Shorts Shop under Mazzy’s Favorite Books.

One more thing I should mention is the painting of the little girl above the nightstand. It’s a portrait that my grandfather painted of me when I was in kindergarden and I can’t think of a more fitting place for the painting to find its permanent home.





Bonus pic of Mazzy enjoying her changing table mirror.