My nine-month-old LOVES anything that lights up or has buttons.  She also loves anything with which myself or my husband seem inordinately preoccupied.  This means her current obsessions include Mom's iPhone, Dad's Blackberry, all the assorted TV remotes, both of our laptops and the clear household favorite— the iPad. All of which we would be more than happy to share with her if it weren't for her two favorite pastimes— coating things with a thick layer of saliva and tearing off any extraneous pieces that she can manage to wrap her little fingers around.  I made the rookie mistake of letting her get too close to my laptop while we were trying to Skype with Daddy once and she practically tore off the option key.  (The option key is currently humoring me by balancing on the little nub of plastic underneath). My husband let her hold onto his Blackberry for a second too long and she got it so drenched in saliva that it was fully out of commission for two days while it took a time out to dry. And I won't relive the episode this weekend when she managed to shut off the television during the Giants game in a way that took my husband a full fifteen minutes to figure out how to turn it back on.

Woogie_07-thumb-300x300-23273   Enter the Woogie, a collaboration
   between Griffin and Iceberg Kids.
   The $20 huggable iPhone case is
   specifically designed so that parents
   can hand over their phone without fear
   of their child shoving it into their mouth,
   using it to test out their new theory of
   gravity, or hiding it in their secret toy stash
   underneath the couch. The Woogie is
   outfitted with built-in speakers and arms
   that prop the device for easy viewing of Iceberg's new array of children's stories. Altogether an ingenious way for children to interact with digital content designed specifically for them.

Now if they tell me it can prevent my baby from hanging up the iPhone on her Grammy, I am sold.