Iphone_Tutorials_hacks_tips_tricks-045-796030 Dear Steve Jobs,

Let me start by saying, I really love the iPhone. In my house we have my Mom's iPhone, Daddy's Blackberry, a stupid cordless and a Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn phone but the iPhone is my favorite. Whenever someone calls on the iPhone I can't wait to talk to them. BUT. Along with talking to the person on the phone, I also like to touch the phone. Especially since the person's picture is right up there on the screen. A picture of someone like my Daddy or my Aunt is almost impossible not to touch. This need to touch is very bad though because every time I touch the phone, I hang it up.  My mom says it is because the "End Call" touch button is on top of the screen.  This means that whenever anybody calls, my mom has to keep the phone far away from me. Even if it is someone like my Grammy who really wants to talk to me. All I want to do is talk to her and touch her picture but within two seconds I hang up on her every time. It makes me very sad. Maybe you can make a feature where my mom can lock the iPhone on a call so that a baby such as myself can't hang it up so easily? Just a thought.



UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me by more than one person that if I press the home button while on a call, it will hide the phone features but still keep the call live. Thanks, you guys, for making the baby feel stupid.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: The solution above works for about five seconds before Mazzy touches the "return to call" green bar at the top which surprise, surprise returns her to a place where she can once again touch "end call".  See ya later Grammy!  Steve Jobs— YOU STILL HAVE WORK TO DO.