Picture 15  OK people- I am trying something new. 
  I can continue to impart all of my dubious
  baby-raising-wisdom to you based on my
  experience of all of nine months BUT I'm
  betting that my readers have as much if
  not more to suggest on various topics as
  well.  That's why, I have decided to open
  up some discussions on my facebook
. Here's your opportunity to share
  your knowledge and expertise with other
  parents who desperately need it.

  Here's the deal: I'm compiling crowd-
  sourced TOP 10 lists. Right now the topics
include "Top Ten Rules for Traveling With Your Baby," "Top Ten Tips for Eating Out With Your Baby," and "Top Ten Toys I Will Never Buy My Child." (As always, feel free to suggest others in the comments below).

The Top Ten answers (funniest, most helpful, etc.) will make the blog, each credited back to the original source, i.e. YOU.

Please take the time to contribute– empty discussion pages make me feel like I'm all dressed up standing alone in my living room with a piping hot platter of Spanakopita waiting for people to arrive at my party.

And join the Mommy Shorts Fanpage while you're at it!