If there was ever any question who Mazzy looks like (hello, those of you who still insist she looks like my husband), I hope the photos above clear that up for good.

At left is me, my mom, and my sister (aka Dr. B) in the early '80s. At right is Mazzy, me and Harlow. The photo on the right was taken by Jenny Sherouse during Harlow's three month photo shoot. I insisted we all go outside and get the shot I have literally waited all my life to take. Thank you Harlow for being a girl and not messing up my lifelong dream.

I wish I had a green raincoat for the occasion but unfortunately, a green scarf had to suffice. I also wish I had thought to look longingly off camera with an expression that says, "Maybe if I stole the car and drove to Mexico myself, no one would notice until dinner…" but alas, I smiled and wrecked the perfect side-by-side.

Maybe in thirty years, Mazzy can recreate this photo but they'll all be wearing silver space suits and standing on hover crafts just like Marty McFly always imagined. More likely, they'll all be staring at tiny touchscreens that have been permanently implanted into the palms of their hands.

What else happened over the past few weeks besides getting visited by the ghost of Mommy Shorts past?

Mazzy hates me

• Mary Kate Olson has ISSUES

• Harlow killed it with cuteness

• Kyle should be arrested

• Michelle only shaved one armpit

• Mazzy threw some elbows at an Easter Egg Hunt

• I made felt pancakes for breakfast

• Lice and dead babies entertained us for the holidays

• I patted myself on the back for my potty training prowess

• Harlow got hazed

Sch'meeps were born!

• We told our husbands we were getting new boyfriends

and finally…

• Crappy Pictures drew something crappy

Photo-230If you have yet to read my post illustrated by Amber Dusick, I highly recommend it. Unfortunately, you are too late to win a hardcover copy of Amber's brand new book, which I have now started reading and it is HILARIOUS. Trust me, I don't have time to read anything less.

The winner of Parenting: Illustrated with Crappy Pictures is…


There was more than one Courtney who entered so to further clarify— it's the Courtney with a comcast email address. What's the matter, Courtney? Gmail not good enough for you??? Congratualtions! I'll send you an email today.

For every one else, I hope you have a brilliant weekend with good weather, obedient children and lots of napping.

See you back here on Monday!

— Mommy Shorts