Once upon a time, Mazzy wore whatever I wanted. I put her in little dresses with adorable cardigans and matching socks and all was right with the world.

Now, there is not a clothing decision that is made in which Mazzy does not take part. Just as she is opinionated about which books I read at bedtime and what brand of string cheese she eats, she cares just as much about what clothing (if any) makes its way onto her body.

From underwear selection to hair ribbon color (NO! I WANT A HEADBAND!!!!!), Mazzy chooses EVERYTHING. It's either that or we get dressed for several hours and probably miss school.

Personally, I'd rather save my battles for something else.

So, when Mazzy insists that every pair of pants she wears must be a pink pair of leggings and there is no way she is entertaining any kind of top besides her Super Soccer Stars t-shirt that is three sizes too large, that is what she wears. And it is up to us to make sure those pieces of clothing are washed and folded in her drawer or else you must be prepared to explain their absence the next day.

When she does steer away from the Super Soccer Stars t-shirt, Mazzy will stick within her comfort zone.

What's her comfort zone?


Mazzy's goal is usually to wear as many pink items as possible. It makes no sense to her why you would wear a pink shirt with a different color pants— clearly THEY DO NOT GO TOGETHER IF THEY ARE BOTH NOT PINK (double negative, I know).

So, most days she is wearing a pink pair of leggings, a pink shirt, pink socks, pink sneakers, and a pink bow. Sometimes she'll even throw a pink skirt on top of the leggings for good measure. Add her pink hat and puffy pink jacket and the outfit is complete.

VALUABLE LESSON: If you suspect your child will wear nothing but pink, do not buy him/her a pink coat. A pink coat on top of an all pink outfit (shoes included) makes your child look like a bottle of Peptobismol covered in cotton candy sitting in a glass of strawberry Quik. It is an ASSAULT ON THE SENSES.

Also, if you think all this pink means my child is AT THE VERY LEAST matching, you would be grossly underestimating the number of variations and shades of PINK. There is also the off chance PURPLE will work its way into the mix and nothing clashes more than a purple cardigan, bright pink leggings, a pale pink skirt, lavender socks and dark magenta shoes. 

Case in point:


I once read Madonna wears the same blue track suit all the time because that renders the pictures snapped by the paparazzi worthless. Even US Weekly doesn't want twenty pictures of Madonna in the same outfit so the photographers leave her alone.

That's how I feel about Mazzy's pink on pink on pink on pink attire. It is no longer instagrammable.

So, now that's its spring and we will finally shed the puffy pink jacket for good, it is time to buy Mazzy some new clothes. Am I going to make the same mistake of buying a bunch of clothes I like that Mazzy won't wear?


I made Mazzy go online shopping with me— which I must say, she greatly enjoyed. We sat at the computer, looked at different online clothing sites and she picked stuff out.

She even picked some NON-PINK stuff out!

I have no idea what her criteria was for her selections, just gut reactions, I guess, but it was fun to hear her commentary. "That's too fancy." "That yellow dress is beautiful." "I don't need another sweater." "Oooooh!!!! A skirt with bicycles!" And so on.

Spring clothes for toddler girls

Because I'm not going to buy everything she wanted and because I also need to make sure there are some things that match, I saved all her picks in a "Clothes for M" list on Sweet Relish. You relish shopping items just like you pin pictures on Pinterest— buy using a "relish" button directly on your browser. Then each item on your shopping list links to where you can purchase and will even tell you if it goes on sale.

Now, I have one big shopping cart of Mazzy-approved items from multiple stores and I will go back tonight to decide which items I will buy, what items I still need and make it all fit within my budget.

Then hopefully, in a few short days, Mazzy will have clothes besides pink leggings that she wants to wear in public.

If I was smart, I would make sure every item mixed and matched.

Maybe that's a task for summer.


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