My photographer friend Jenny Sherouse (who took our family pictures when Mazzy was two and again when Harlow was just born) asked me if she could do a yearlong series on Harlow, which would mean taking pictures every three months.

I said, "Gee, I don't know, Jenny… I'm really busy and this sounds like it might eat into my weekends."

Or maybe, I said something more like, "SERIOUSLY??!!! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!! Especially since I have SECOND CHILD SYNDROME and ADULT HARLOW is going to be PISSED when she sees her LACK OF QUALITY DOCUMENTATION!"



Right before Mazzy was born, Mike bought me a DSLR camera for my birthday and we used that constantly for Mazzy's first two years. Now, I'm sad to say, it seems like a pain to lug around and is buried deep in our coat closet.

Almost all of the photos we have of Harlow are taken on our phones.

As much as I love Instagram (follow me– @mommyshorts!), those photos don't usually hold up very well if you blow them up to print.

Adding insult to injury, I have no videos of Harlow. It didn't even occur to me to take them, because she doesn't DO anything.



Not that 'lack of doing anything' mattered when CHILD #1 was born. I took video of Mazzy constantly. I have hours and hours of footage of Mazzy lying on different surfaces in various outfits… propped up in chairs, getting baths, having her hair combed, looking at herself (also not moving) in the mirror. I have videos of Mazzy SLEEPING. 

CHILD #2 has one video that is about five seconds long. I stopped recording when I realized nothing was happening and it was just going to take up storage space.


Sad, because all those videos of 'nothing happening' was how I created Mazzy's First Year Video. It's called "Life Thus Far" and it's probably my favorite thing on earth.

It's also how I created the video of Mazzy rolling over for the first time— a full two minutes chronicling countless rollover attempts before she finally completed the manuever at 6 months. 

You know who rolled over a few weeks ago?

Some baby named Harlow.


What does she have to show for it? 



Granted, Harlow rolled over successfully after her first attempt, whereas Mazzy spent three months propelling herself to one side without completing the task. We demonstrated, offered incentive, egged her on. There was frustration, determination, crying, laughter— the stuff home videos are made of!

But Harlow?

She was just like, "Yeah, I wanna roll over. There I did it. No big deal."

All beginning and ending, NO STORY ARC.


But at least, Harlow's premature rollover makes me think Mazzy is not going to walk all over her baby sister like I always imagined. Nope, little Harlow, flipping over at a mere three months, shooting looks that kill at anyone who dares to glance her way…



And thanks to Jenny Sherouse, fifteen years from now, when Mazzy shows off her carefully curated first year video, Harlow can whip out her year of professional photo documentation, and EVERYBODY WINS.


Plus, Harlow will actually have a few photos with MOM. Something you can't get when you're taking all the pictures yourself.





If anyone would like to use Jenny Sherouse to take pictures of their family, I cannot recommend her highly enough. Hopefully, the proof is above. You can contact her here.

I, of course, am indebted to her FOREVER.