In a new episode of the Mommy Shorts Show, Harlow and I stop by my sister’s apartment to give Cousin Jack a very special potty training present from Pampers Easy Ups. Then Miriam Shor comes over and my sister is like, “What’s going on???” and I’m like,”We’re filming my show here! That’s not a problem, is it?”

I am the worst sister ever.

My sister was a great sport, as was Miriam Shor, who demanded a drink, answered questions about her role in Younger (it just got picked up for a fourth season!), crafted statement necklaces out of felt (hers actually looked wearable!) and wrote the thank you cards that I’ve been putting off for god knows how long.

What do you do when your celebrity guests come over? I like to make them useful!

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode!

To celebrate the new season of the Mommy Shorts Show (just one more episode left, BOOOOO!!!), I am giving away a $250 Target gift card + a three month supply of Pampers Easy Ups with each episode!

Last episode’s winner was Leigh Walls. To enter this week’s contest, all you have to do is subscribe to my YouTube Channel and leave a comment below.


Congrats to Kelly H! Please contact to claim your prize!

The new Pampers Easy Ups Training Underwear are designed with a 360° stretchy waistband that makes it easy for toddlers to pull up and down. They are super soft to feel like cotton underwear, but you can be rest assured, they still have the great leak protection of Pampers.


In addition to the giveaway, Pampers is offering a coupon that you can print at home for $1.50 off a pack of new Pampers Easy Ups Training Pants. Clip the coupon here