This Passover, the main objective was to get my three-year-old to stay seated at the dinner table, which meant numerous family members came to last night's seder armed with various Passover-themed books and toys.

None more disturbing than Grammy's gift of "The Ten Plagues Finger Puppets" (see above). Yep. That's LICE, BLOOD and a DEAD BABY (aka the slaying the of the firstborn).

Are you having fun yet, Mazzy? What's that? You'd like a chocolate bunny and a basket full of candy? Sorry, babe! Now be a good little Jew and play with your DISEASED CATTLE puppet.

In all honesty, the plagues were always my favorite part of the seder growing up (you get to dip your finger in the wine for each plague) and it wasn't until last night that I realized how horrifying this should be for a small child. I mean, how do the plaques work exactly? Does BLOOD mean that all the water turned to blood or that everyone one day woke up covered in blood or what? Please tell me which horror movie I should be visually referencing for my holiday gathering of extended family.

But Mazzy was fine and politely asked me to help her apply the BOILS sticker in her Haggadah workbook. 

Someone else gave her a box full of the physical manifestations of the plagues (rubber locust, cup of blood, plastic frog), which caused her to wear an eye patch (DARKNESS) through most of dinner.

I gotta say though— Mazzy did look like she was having fun.



Take that chocolate bunny!