When I was little, I thought Easter-themed candies like Peeps and chocolate bunnies were forbidden. Along with colorful Christmas lights and gingerbread houses, denying myself fluffy chick-shaped marshmallow confections was part of the sacrifice of being a Jew.

It wasn’t until college that I ate my first Peep. You know, as part of the rebellious coming-of-age phase when you first leave home, drink lots of alcohol, hook up with questionable boys, and eat pink sugared marshmallow. Everyone goes through that, right?

Since I was introduced to Peeps so late in life, I didn’t realize that people were doing more with Peeps than just eating them straight out of the pack.

Apparently, there are many kinds of “peepsonalities” beyond the purists.

There are those who cook with them.

7d87ad47ad0917a03b14ca86ee4e2362Photo Source: The Domestic Rebel

Those who decorate with them.

Photo Source: Taloola Kids

Those who think Peeps should exercise more modesty.

Photo Source: Babble

Those who destroy them.

Matzah peeps smores-3
Video Grab Source: 10 Ways to Kill Marshmallow Peeps

Those who are really upset about The Office ending.

Those who like Downtown Abbey a little too much.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 12.25.11 AMPhoto Source: The Washington Post

Those who think all great works of art should be edible.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 10.08.53 AMPhoto Source: The Washington Post

Those who make you nostalgic for children’s books you previously found annoying.

IMG_4733Photo Source: Pink and Green Mama

Those who like to make fun of politicians on vacation.

Screen Shot 2013-03-26 at 12.23.57 AMPhoto Source: The Washington Post

Those who want to ruin Easter for children forever:

542walkingdeadcloseupWaking Dead diroama source: Comic Salliance 

Those who fondly remember the ’80s.

PeepbustersWaking Dead diroama source: Comic Salliance 

And those who, if they weren’t building elaborate Pixar-themed Peeps dioramas, could probably be saving the world or something:

Peeps-house-up-eepPhoto Source: The Washington Post

What kind of “peepsonality” do I have?

The kind who, even as a grown adult, still feels a tad guilty publishing a Peeps post on the second day of Passover. You know, before I forget I’m keeping kosher for the week and eat a piece of pizza by mistake on Day Three.

So today, I decided to pay homage to my heritage and make what I call “Matzah S’meeps”. Or maybe “Matzah Sch’meeps”? That’s the Peeps version of a s’more with a little Jewish twist.

Someone Who Does Not Care that Peeps Aren’t Kosher

Matzah peeps smores

I’d offer actual instructions but that’s probably not necessary. I will say to use two Peeps for each Sch’meep with the chocolate smashed between for maximum melting.

Aren’t they pretty? Delicious too.


Now, someone tell my daughter she doesn’t have to wait until college to eat one.

Matzah peeps smores-2

And Happy Pesach!