In contrast to the video I showed on Tuesday, Mazzy embraced the addition of Harlow pretty quickly and continues to enjoy her company. Sure, she'll get pissed when I'm holding the baby and she wants to be the one sitting in my lap. Or she'll request I leave Harlow in the other room while I come with her to play. But for the most part, Mazzy keeps coming up with new and interesting ways to interact with her little sister. Whether Harlow likes it or not.

Since Harlow can barely move, she is more Mazzy's prop than her playmate. Or helpless victim, depending on how you look at it. 

Harlow just furrows her brow as Mazzy pokes, prods and smothers her, silently plotting her revenge. If you could hear Harlow's inner monologue, it would probably be something like, "This is cool now, my friend. But you just WAIT."

Here are Mazzy's top ten methods of harassing the baby:

1. Dress-up the baby, usually in various hats. Then surround her with carefully selected and precisely placed toys. (see above)

2. Run circles around the baby. Literally.

3. Make the baby hold unweildy objects.


4. Scream into the baby's ear.

5. Force the baby to eat a fake banana.


6. Pet the baby like a dog.

7. Violate the baby's belly button.

8. Make a bridge over the baby.


9. Jump over the baby giving her mother a heart attack.

10. Pretend the baby is a telephone.

Note: I have no idea how Mazzy even knows what a rotary phone looks like.

Despite how often I must tell Mazzy to be careful around Harlow and discourage her from performing some of her more reckless interactions, I know Mazzy's antics are all with the purpose of one common goal:

Get as close to the baby as possible.